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Post by Il Tebryn on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:25 am

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Il Tebryn
Age:  16
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Sophomore (late birthday.  Works as a waiter at the Weeping Willow, a high-end restaurant in town.)
Species:  Incubus, descended from leanan sidhe
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual.  Leaning towards Demi.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Tebryn gains sustenance and power from feeding upon the primal energy of others.  This fuels powers of persuasion initiated by eye contact and a sense of empathy so deeply ingrained that Tebryn can nigh read the thoughts of others based on their emotions.  Tebryn also possesses preternatural reflexes and, though not a magic power, certainly looks like he's capable of murder.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Tebryn does not know how to feed.  Or at the very least, too shy to learn.  Without his primary source of nutrition, Tebryn's powers are slow to grow and develop.  As it is, using his powers of persuasion gives him migraines and that empathy thing tends to backfire more often than not, meaning that he accidentally projects his own emotions outwards a lot of the time.  He has to focus to turn that particular power back around.

Personality:  Tebryn is quiet, shy, and 500% done most of the time.  His default setting seems to be disgruntled unless his brothers or cute things or food is involved.  He tends to hide his mouth behind his hands when he smiles or laughs and has a tendency to stare people down when he's really just off in his own mind and happens to be looking in the direction a person may be sitting.  He's quite affectionate in his own way, though he's not outright about it.  When he's not participating in some form of physical activity, his movements are languid and he seems to ignore the world around him in favor of the one inside his own head.  He tends to gravitate towards people he already knows, especially his brothers, and has trouble making new friends on his own.  He's quite charming at work though, if customer reviews are to be believed.  

Backstory:  Tebryn was taken in by his great-grandfather, Il Seraph, at a young age.  Seraph's hope was to mold Tebryn into a powerful, savvy leanan sidhe who was to be feared, respected, and lusted after.  What he got was a reclusive beanpole who either had no interest in feeding or lacked the motivation to do so.  Tebryn, in an effort to stay out of Seraph's way, took up several forms of human combat as hobbies-- judo, tae kwon do, and kickboxing.  He developed talents for these that would be impressive for a human, but merely annoying for an aging Leanan Sidhe who wanted a properly terrifying successor.  Try as he might, Seraph was unable to sculpt Tebryn into the image of a fae lord, and passed him off as a decorative present to an old friend-- Veronique Poulain.  
He's been a part of Vero's collection for two years now-- literally the black sheep, as he is the only non-blonde.

Appearance:  Tebryn tends to stand or sit with his shoulders slouched, though if you remind him of his posture he will straighten and stand tall at 6'2", at least until he forgets again and melts back into place.  His skin is fair and porcelain smooth, and his hair and eyes are the deepest black.  Broad shoulders, svelte waist, long limbs and high cheekbones lend his appearance a feline air, and his voice is raspy and quiet from lack of use.
Character Model: Jung "Leo" Taekwoon

Il Tebryn (Keme) Tumblr_nt7g8mPUYU1tuqdkxo2_500_zpsgzlylrfx

Il Tebryn (Keme) Tumblr_nt7g8mPUYU1tuqdkxo1_500_zpse82vch9s
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