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Post by Tobias Dempsey on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:30 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Tobias “Toby” Dempsey
Age:  17
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Senior.  Works at the Magic Bean.
Species:  Changeling
Race/Ethnicity:  mixed
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Gay and quite partial to hugs.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Toby has one of those auras that operates independently of his will or conscience.  He exudes pheromones that attract females to him.  He is not happy about this.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Again, Toby has no control of this aura and has yet found no way to turn it off.

Personality:  Toby is a sweet and playful boy above all else.  He loves to laugh, and to make others laugh, and has a tendency to roughhouse a bit when he's in a rambunctious mood.  He's forgetful and not the most attentive student (often forgetting his reading glasses means that he gets frequent headaches in class) but he has an affinity for mathematics and a knack for puzzles and is usually carrying a rubix cube or something similar in his bag.

Backstory:  Tobias was born in Dublin to a family consisting of his father Abshire, his mother August, and his sister Jubilee.  Originally, it was Jubilee that was taken by the Fae, when Toby was fourteen.  He went after her, and was by some miracle able to track down her captor (a harsh, matronly creature seemingly made from the body parts of several other Fae) and beg for Jubilee's release.  When she refused, Toby offered to take his sister's place.  The Matron agreed, but on the grounds that Jubilee would not remember ever having a brother and, upon speaking with their parents again, would cause Abshire and August to lose any recollection of having a son.
Toby refuses to speak of what happened during his tenure, but it was Bolin that brought him to Dunehelden three years later with the Matron's slightly misshapen head in his pack.  Bolin readily admits that he was not the one to actually kill that particular Fae, but when confronted Toby will rub his nose and mutter something about stress-related memory loss.

Appearance:  Toby stands at 5'9” with lightly tanned skin and subtly pointed ears and seemingly perpetually disheveled hair of a dark brown color.  His eyes are black and catch the light in an unnatural way, making them twinkle in a most charming manner, and they squint to slits when he smiles.  He has an athletic physique (earned from his love of dance and years of playing on school baseball teams) and a natural clumsiness to the way he moves that somehow comes full circle and turns into an awkward semi-gracefulness.  No one knows how this happens, especially not Toby.  His Changeling nature gave him no dramatic physical changes other than his ears and sparkly eyes.  He speaks with an Irish accent that has dulled a bit over the last few years away from home.
Character Model:  Park Jimin
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