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Player Name: Keme

Name: Elliestraaeln
Age: 30
Grade and/or Occupation: Healer/Doctor; Professor of Medical Magics
Species: Dryad (cedar)
Race/Ethnicity: Erm... theoretically mixed, hinting at some flavor of hispanic with s touch of eastern european. Also a tree.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Ellie has mastered her own special brand of healing magic, supplemented by her medical doctorate. She is able to instantly heal uninfected skin-deep injuries, purify and cleanse infections and rashes within a few minutes, and mend fractures to bone within a few hours. Broken bones require a day or two. Ellie is skilled with creating medicine using herbs and potions, and has yet to find an illness she is unable to treat. She is immune to poisons, and extracting poisons and venoms from patients require her to inject needle-thin roots into their veins and absorbing the toxin from the blood.
Also, not really a power, but Ellie always smells of cedar, because of course she does.
Magical Weaknesses: Ellie's magic is powerful, but tends to overrun her human form if she uses it too often or too much at once. If she grows too fatigued, she must revert to either her full or partial cedar form and allow her magic to, ah... recalibrate? Her magic doesn't always want to stay within her body when she's in human form, and she will occasionally start to take root wherever she's sitting/standing if she's working with a particularly damaged patient.
Ellie is also extremely susceptible to fire unless she's in her full-on cedar form, with her bark to give her a higher level of protection. As a human, any contact with flame is extremely painful for Ellie, with the pain from minor burns often being extreme enough to cause her to pass out.

Personality: Ellie is motherly and caring, with a soothing manner and kind disposition that makes it rather startling to find how playful and sarcastic she can be. She takes the same pleasure in curling up with an interesting book as with experimenting in the kitchen and playing pranks. Her thirst for knowledge has never dulled, so she will always pounce on the opportunity to teach or learn from another person. She's quite loving and is quick to form bonds with people, and is fiercely loyal to those she feels close to. Ellie's temper is extremely slow to build, but terrifying when it breaks.

Backstory: Ellie was planted by gentle hands that commanded an old magic. As she grew into a sapling she was able to make out the silhouette of a stooped old man with vine-draped antlers sprouting from his skull. He spoke to her, as he spoke to the other saplings, calling them his children. Her siblings were a mix of pine, fir and spruce, and at the center of the grove they called home the old man cultivated a vast garden of herbs and mosses and other plants with which he created potions and medicines to heal those who wandered the edges of Arcadia. The grove was a self-made haven, a sacred space in which the old man's magic seeped into the very soil and gave the trees a life of their own. He taught them all he knew of the healing arts, taught them the taste and smell of each and every medicinal plant he was capable of growing. The trees learned to whisper, and then to speak, and then began to imitate the forms of those who passed through the grove-- developing into humanoid shapes and figures, rather than gaining height and girth as they aged.
Ellie took her first steps to catch the old man as he stumbled, clutching at a failing heart. He died in her arms.
Ellie chooses to follow the old man's work, and left the grove to seek those who needed her. As she spent more time with fae and human alike, her body changed to imitate their physiologies. Eventually she was able to build up a human persona, and through favors earned through her work was able to acquire identification and credentials and enroll in med school to further her scope of knowledge.
Upon graduation, Ellie decided that in order for her to utilize her entire range of talent, she would need to take up residence in one of the places where Arcadia and the human world overlap. That's when she found Lakeshore.
She still has the old man's antlers. In lieu of a name, she remembers him as the Gardener.
This is her second year at Dunehelden.

Appearance: Ellie's human body and dryad body stand at about 5'8”, with a slender build and wild red-brown curls that always seem to have sprigs of cedar needles and juniper berries trapped in them. Her eyes are anywhere from powder-white to vibrant deep blue depending on the season, as they match the ripeness berries that naturally grow either in her hair or branches in respect to what form she's taken. As an evergreen dryad, she is equally vibrant during all times of the year and her skin remains the gold-hued tan of freshly hewn cedar wood.
Character Model: Emmy Rossom
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