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Post by Jung Roojin on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:48 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Jung Roojin (Prefers "Roo.")
Age:  15 (dob 15 Jan)
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy freshman.  Works night shifts at a comic shop called AU.  (thanks Bre XD)
Species:  Human
Race/Ethnicity: Mostly Korean (her mother was mixed)
Gender:  Female
Sexual Orientation:  unsure; biromantic with a preference for masculinity.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  None.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Roo is highly susceptible to those magics that play on fear or that incite rage.

Personality:  Roo is... volatile.  She wants to be social and make new friends, but she also is terrified of being too clingy and pushing people away.  She knows how out of control her temper can be, and she is all too aware that she's much more likely to lose that temper when she's anxious or frightened.  She is truly capable of being warm and loving, but she's sarcastic and possessive and has a difficult time telling when someone has her best interests at heart.  Years of abuse have made her mistrustful and quick to go on the defense, and despite putting up a rough and tumble front she grows meek when confronted by anyone that reminds her of her father.  Roo snaps and starts attacking anyone she feels is trying to corner or stalk her, and she wants desperately to have friends but has no idea how to go about making them.  There's something inspiring to her about being able to make someone smile, to brighten their day and help them through hard times, because she had no one to help her through hers.  She's quick to laugh and is quite rowdy, but is also capable of buckling down and being a dedicated student.  She is dyslexic and is often frustrated by reading assignments.  Her true passion is drawing; she's currently working on a webcomic, but is too shy to let anyone beta or edit.  

Backstory:  Jung Roojin's mother died of postpartum hemorrhage-- doctors did all they could, but in the end her mother was unable to recoup.  Her father, Police Captain Jung Hyejin, did not take the loss well.  He lost himself in liquor, and though he was able to curb his temper while Roojin was young... well, the more Roojin grew, the more she resembled her mother.  Which hurt his heart.  Which fueled his temper.  Roojin was beaten often, bossed around, kept on a very strict discipline regimen akin to a bootcamp for juvenile delinquents.  Roojin loved her father, and knew that in some tiny, alcohol-ridden part of his brain, the Captain loved her too.  Which is why she stayed.  She wanted to take care of him, despite days spent avoiding his gaze and nights spent cowering in her room, hoping against hope that her father would retain his drunken stupor throughout the night and not awaken to a raging hangover that would have him battering at her door looking for something to take his ill mood out on.  Roojin would curl against her door, cocooned in a blanket, and watch the window to await the next sunrise.  Sunrise meant safety.  Sunrise meant a new day.
Then one day, Roojin decided that she could take no more.  No more being terrified of her own home.  No more taking pains to hide the bruises and scratches and scars.  No more lying to herself and her teachers.  No more sunrises.
Her father found her curled in a ball on her bedroom floor, wrists slit and blood soaking into the carpet.  He got her to the hospital in time to save her, but she fell into a coma.  
When Roo woke up, weeks later, she was in Arcadia.  Terrified and alone.  It was a lone horned Fae that found her-- he invited her to his home, an elaborate treehouse run by a staff of humans with blank, mirrored eyes and shards of glass for teeth.  Roo was not in the Fae's care for long, however.  Not one week after her arrival, a mysterious man clad all in black infiltrated the tree fort and took the Fae's head.  The Changeling servants ran, but Roo was still weak and scared, unused to her environment, confused as to what was a threat and what wasn't.  Thankfully, she was not with the Fae long enough to become a Changeling herself, and when the man in black, who called himself Bolin, offered to escort her to a bordertown Roo readily agreed.
A few months later, Roo has recovered her physical health, and has proven to be quite a sturdy girl.  Her mental health, however...  Well, Bolin meets with her as often as she needs.  She's been taking weekly sessions with him, but still suffers from nightmares.

Appearance:  Roo stands at 5'6" and is built like a volleyball player-- thicker thighs and hips, curvy enough to offset an athletic musculature.  She has numerous scars across her arms, chest and shoulders, most of them small.  She's not ashamed of these-- she knows they weren't her fault.  The most noticeable of these is a notch taken out of her left eyebrow from a beer bottle to the head, and a set of four pale crescents on one side of the back of her neck, and a fifth on the other side, where her father used to grip the back of her neck to steer her around in public.  The only scars she takes pains to hide anymore are the scars on her wrists.  The right wrist is much more visible, while the left has faded over time as it was a shallower cut.  Roo always wears a bandana on her right wrist, or a wristband, or chunky bracelets.  She tends to favor oversized jackets and keeps her dark hair short.  She has broad cheekbones sprinkled with freckles and dark eyes that catch the light in the way a puppy's might.  Her brows are straight and lend a melancholy cast to her face, and when she smiles her eyes squint.  Her lips are full and rosy and she tends to come off as unintentionally adorable when she makes certain noises or facial expressions.

Character Model: Gong Minji

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