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Post by Sam Tan on Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:02 am

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Samantha Renee Tan
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: University Freshman.  Works at a pet supply store/shelter for magical creatures, though they can take care of mundane pets as well.
Species:  Changeling
Race/Ethnicity:  Chinese-American
Gender:*  Female  (leaning nonbinary.  Hesitant to identify as agendered, but closer to female than male, but also not entirely female... it's confusing.  She's never corrected anyone regardless of what pronouns they use for her.  She generally uses female pronouns as a default, more from habit than anything else.)
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Sam is able to produce spheres of volatile magic that sizzle and crackle and snap and occasionally explode.  She is also able to channel this magic into her hands, feet, elbows and knees to add explosive power to a hit.
Magical Weaknesses:  Once the magic exits her body, it is extremely unpredictable.  If Sam doesn't throw or bowl or otherwise get rid of it, the magic will reabsorb into her skin and cause serious damage, burns and temporary nerve damage at its most mild and at it's worst it has the potential to blow her arms clean off.

Personality:  Sam is the kind of mellow where she thinks the best of people until proven otherwise.  She has moments of squealy flailing adorable, but that's usually when presented with something small and cute.  She's very protective, hates to see someone bullied, and will not hesitate to step into a situation if she thinks someone needs help.  She believes in the strength of certain words, and prefers to show her affection through action than by merely telling someone she cares for them.  She's quite playful and loves nothing more than to run around and climb on any available structure, and is quite athletic and seemingly in control of her body movements at all times.  Her preferred methods of de-stressing are exercise and catnaps.  She loves to dance.

Backstory:  Sam grew up in a strict household where she was not to speak unless spoken to and expected to be 200% successful in every endeavor.  At eleven, she ran.  
Without paying much attention to where she was going, Sam crossed over into Arcadia and ended up wandering the borders to the training grounds of a troupe of Daoine Sidhe, whose preferred method of magical attack was long-range bolts of lightning.
They decided to use her for target practice.
Sam ran for two days, body exhausted but unable to stop, partially for fear of her own life, but mostly because the bolts of magic hitting her body shot through her nerves and continued to stimulate movement.  They troupe clearly had no intentions of catching her, and herded her all the way back to the borders of Arcadia.  When they finally relented, Sam collapsed and slept for what felt like hours, but was actually days.  The magic coursed through her body, permanently absorbing into every nerve and sinew.  When she awoke, she felt static in her fingers and toes, which had become blackened.  Her hair, once dark brown, had paled to blonde.
She continued to wander, and eventually came across Lakeshore, where she lived wherever she could find shelter.  After nearly a year, Headmaster Veronique stumbled across her and took her in, thinking her a boy and therefore an excellent addition to her brood of blonde idiots.  By the time Veronique realized her mistake, Sam had already ingrained herself into the group.

Appearance:  Sam stands at 5'10”, with a lean and toned build that lends itself well to various athletic endeavors.  The curves she has are subtle and easily hidden, so she has no trouble presenting as any gender depending on her mood.  Her eyes are dark, closer to black than anything, and her lips have a natural smirk to them.  Her fingers and toes are blackened, including her nails, and her hair is a dusty blonde color.  As far as styling goes, Sam leans towards comfortable, masculine clothing.  She prefers her hair with an undercut, but will let the top get shaggy before going for a trim.
*: Demigirl.  Thank you Smoke XD
Character Model: Amber Liu
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