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Post by Bolin Honghui on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:22 am

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Bolin Honghui
Age:  43
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Principal, Professor of Psychology.  Side Bounty Hunter.
Species:  Chosen (Amur Tiger)
Race/Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  heterosexual

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Bolin's physical strength, speed, and senses are raised to preternatural levels thanks to the influence of Zhenzhen, his tiger spirit.  He is also able to read the body language of others to the point of predicting their movements several steps ahead.
Magical Weaknesses:  Shifting from human to tiger takes longer for Bolin, as his body is still acclimating to Zhenzhen's presence.  If he is shifting calmly, as if for a demonstration, completing the change takes perhaps a full minute, one feature at a time.  Under stress or pain the transformation may take anywhere from three to six minutes.  At the very least, he seems able to control which parts of his body start shifting first.

Personality:  Bolin looks intimidating.  He also looks like he could snap a man in two with one hand while taking a drag from a cigarette with the other and then use the man's jawbone to stir his bourbon.  He also looks like he belongs in a film noir crime drama.
All of these are true.  Bolin also greatly enjoys fishing and napping in the grass on sunny afternoons.  He'll never turn down an opportunity to go hiking or to the shooting range, and is a surprisingly talented cook.  He still has a passion for psychology, his original field of study.  He still has each and every letter his daughter ever wrote him.
Bolin, violent as he is, is a caring man who simply wants to feel at home in his new environment.  
Spirit:  Zhenzhen, it turns out, is a very young spirit.  She's volatile and restless, though she seems to be maturing over the years, her development is slow going.  Bolin can often be heard having murmured conversations with her in chinese, usually using the tone of a father explaining why a teenager cannot have the brand new iPhone Q.

Backstory:  Bolin grew up in a military household consisting of his father Sgt Jingwei “Jim” Honghui, and his younger brother Zhiqiang, fifteen years Bolin's junior.  He attended college with a major in psychology, and was briefly married to his highschool sweetheart.  Though they divorced after two years, citing “irreconcilable differences,” the union resulted in a single child.  A bright-eyed baby girl named Xiaotao.  Even as Bolin joined the military he took pains to visit his daughter every chance he got.  The busier he became, and the more he neede to travel, he began sending her letters every week, even before she would be able to read and write back.  Eventually he entered the Special Forces-- he became a Green Beret at 23 and was a Sergeant himself when, at the age of 35, suffered a gunshot wound to his torso and another to the side of his head.  He fell into a coma for solid month, during which Zhenzhen came to him.
Upon waking, Bolin was honorably discharged.  Less honorably, Bolin felt a driving urge to wrap his hands around someone's throat.  He tired ignoring it, dedicating himself to spending time with his daughter over the following weeks, during which Zhenzhen was quiet.  And then she made him an offer-- the Fae don't like to get their hands dirty.  If it was throats he wanted, and work he wanted, then she would tell him where to go.
By the time the year was out, Bolin was collecting heads on both sides of Arcadia's borders.  His family saw hide nor hair of him once he built up a steady stream of clients, more for their protection than anything else.  Bolin has a very real fear of his family being dragged into his professional affairs, and felt that the most efficient way to protect his daughter, brother, and father from backlash was to have them believe him dead.  
Over the years, Bolin's work became well known.  He took out targets quickly and efficiently.  Someone, somewhere, decided to issue a challenge.  Take out a member of the Hunt.
Bolin refused.  Then the client threatened his daughter.
The next day, Bolin had a head in his hands and the Hunt after his blood.
Bolin took refuge in the grey area between borders, ending up in Lakeshore where Veronique, for whom he had worked a few times before, offered him a job.  Bolin accepted.

Appearance:  Bolin tops out at 6'2” with the build and presence of an apex predator.  He barely remembers to shave once a week, so he seems perpetually blessed with scruff-- Sundays are shaving days, so if he comes in on Monday with facial hair that puts Aragorn to shame, you know he's either hungover or spent the weekend preoccupied with his other job.  He generally lets his hair do what it wants, and only cuts it when the mood strikes him, so his style generally ranges from a military buzz cut to black shag just long enough to tie back.  He never lets the length pass his jaw, because then it starts getting in the way.  His skin is marred with many, many scars, most of them small and related to his previous career in the Special Forces.  One of those scars is a notch missing from his left ear, in which he is deaf.  There is a large scar just below his ribcage on the left side, from a gunshot wound.  He also has quite a few tattoos, all of them in black ink and all easily hidden by a button-up shirt-- which seems to be a staple in his wardrobe, most often worn with the sleeves rolled to above his elbows.  His eyes are liquid brown and have an unnerving reflective quality to them.
Character Model: Won Bin
Bolin Honghui (Keme) Won-bi10[/b]
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