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Post by Aye Goyan on Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:39 pm

Player Name: closed NPC

Name: Aye Goyan
Age: 19
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Freshman.  Tattoo artist.
Species: Changeling
Race/Ethnicity:  German
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Aye glows.  Specifically, her blood carries a luminescence resulting from the ingestion of magic, rather than a magical genetic quirk.  The glow therefore responds to her pulse, growing brighter or flashing in times of stress and dimming to nothing when she is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.  When she is frightened, the light flickers or dulls in an attempt to hide; in instances where Aye would normally be blushing, the glow turns pink, etc.
Magical Weaknesses:  Aye produces very little body heat of her own, making her nigh intolerant of the cold.  When she's not able to stay warm, Aye suffers from insomnia, though a heated blanket or having someone to curl up with usually solves this problem.  Aye is also night blind, as her eyes no longer adjust to darkness from constant exposure to her own luminescence.  She is terrified of the dark

Personality:  Aye has never really had self confidence issues-- not because she's uppity, but because she seems to legitimately not care what other people think of her.  She's content being her own person, however abrasive, with a short temper and a loud, boisterous laugh. She's equally likely to hug someone's arm as she is to punch their shoulder.  She tends to be touchy-feely with friends, but that may be tied to her lack of body heat.

Backstory:  Aye was eight when, in the act of chasing a swarm of fireflies, she stumbled through the Hedge.  The noise and movement attracted a troll, who chased her through the brambles until she was swept into a net snare.  A troupe of imps chased the troll away, not wanting the brute to steal their catch, before realizing that Aye was no forest creature.  They took her to the Fae who owned that particular swatch of land, who called himself the Sculptor, and presented her as a gift.  Little Aye gushed about how pretty the Sculptor's “castle” was, and the Fae proceeded to offer her the chance to play princess for a while.  When Aye happily agreed, he trapped her in his grand ballroom, in a massive chandelier carved from ice and stalactites.  The chandelier was lit from within by pixies, dozens of them, trapped in spiderwebs made of frost.  Aye knew enough of old fairy tales to not eat the food in this strange place, and when the pixies saw her suffering from hunger and cold and lack of sleep, they offered themselves as sustenance.  It took extensive convincing, even begging, before Aye relented out of desperation.  In consuming these pixies, Aye took a few aspects of their magic on as her own.  Namely, the glow.  
Eight years passed of Aye not sleeping.  The cold kept her awake for the Sculptor's days-long parties, of which her magnificent prison of a chandelier was the centerpiece.  Her light illuminated the festivities, until one such party found a certain young hawkling fae on the guest list.  This brightly colored hawk man decided to investigate the giant glowing chandelier once the merriment had died down, and found Aye, now sixteen, shivering and pacing around her small cell.  This fae was the first source of warmth she had come in contact with in ages, so she clung to him and, for the first time since her imprisonment, was able to fall asleep.  Which extinguished her light temporarily.  The Sculptor noticed.  Fearing her for her life, Aye ran with the hawkling.
Currently in Lakeshore, she is just finishing up her apprenticeship with the Amaranth Tattoo Parlor while attending classes at Dunehelden University.

Appearance:  Standing tall at 5'4'', Aye has pale skin with an undertone that suggests she would tan well if she were able.  Her eyes are black, or at least very dark blue, and rimmed with dark circles from years of no sleep.  She usually negates this with makeup, using her panda eyes to enhance her favorite smokey eye look because she knows from experience that no amount of concealer will make a difference.  Dark eyeshadows are her staple.  Her hair, once black, now shows as a delicate, pastel green, like the glow of a lightning bug.  
Aye has many piercings, mostly in her ears, as well as snakebite piercings, a septum piercing, and a tongue piercing.  She is also veritably covered in tattoos.  A skyline of chapels and towers adorns her feet, an elaborate stained glass piece adorns one thigh as a garter, several ribbons of text in various places on her ribcage and shoulders, including “rosen auf mein weißes kleid” beneath one collarbone and “erlebnisse” at the base of her left hand.  There is a sun mandala on her forearms, half to each arm, so that when she brings them together the entire piece is formed; behind each ear is a stylized wing in rust-colored ink, resembling Neylen's wings.
Character Model: working on it
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