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Post by Rhoshe Larkhail on Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:52 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Rhoshe Larkhail
Age:  18
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Freshman, works at Papyrus (the bookstore next door to the Magic Bean.  Buy, sell, trade, try to convince them to put out your post-apocalyptic rock opera screenplay that still has that sriracha stain on the cover.)
Species:  Changeling
Race/Ethnicity:  erm... some kind of Western European with a decent portion of Grecian ancestry.
Gender:  female
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual

Magical Powers/Abilities:  When submerged in water (or when sufficiently panicked) Rhoshe's body transforms into that of an octomaid, granting her the ability to breathe underwater and scale vertical surfaces when necessary.  She has also found, after much trial and error, that she is able to grant wishes.  Not ridiculous ones, obviously, like “I want to be a fire-breathing dinosaur, yo,” but things like granting luck and catching the eye of a specific person and whatnot are well within her power.
Magical Weaknesses:  Rhoshe's wishes are temporary-- her magic is not yet strong enough to last for more than one cycle of a celestial body (sunrise to sunset, etc) and if the person making the wish is not specific in their wording, things tend to go wrong.  For example, wishing for luck on a test will probably grant you terrible luck and you will fail all of everything that may be even slightly construed as a test that day.  Wishing for good luck on the mid-term for your second-period class is a much better wish, and much more likely to work favorably for you.

Personality:  Rhoshe is introverted and reserved, but perfectly willing to engage in conversation when she is approached.  She is so used to being decoration and so used to being seen and not heard that she tends to forget to ask for help when she needs it, and has a habit of getting lost in her own imagination.  She has vivid, elaborate dreams and has started keeping a notebook and selection of pens on her at all times so that she may write whenever the mood strikes her.  Rhoshe is not easily intimidated or bullied, but she does tend to unconsciously seek the security of corners and familiar faces, probably out of fear of another abduction.  She's not the type to pine after someone, but if a friend is available she does have a habit of being touchy-- holding hands and leaning on them and whatnot.  

Backstory:  Rhoshe was always the type to prefer libraries and art museums to bars and clubs.  When her friends and family went out, it took quite a bit of convincing to get Rhoshe to tag along.  A family trip to the beach one day found Rhoshe curled on a blanket beneath an umbrella, enjoying a book and ignoring the sunshine that had a tendency to burn her sensitive skin.  From the waves, a young fae maiden watched.  Among the rowdy beach-goers, it was Rhoshe that caught her eye.  
So she took her.
Rhoshe didn't understand what was happening until it was too late.  While her cousins were digging a moat around her reading spot, she took a break and decided to stroll along the water's edge.  At first, the seaweed that swirled around her ankles was a pleasant  sensation.  And then there was more seaweed.  And hands.  Rhoshe was dragged beneath the waves before she could scream and felt two strong arms and several... tentacles...? wrapping around her.  Her captor swam so quickly that she was somehow able to catch her breath under the water, right up until she was pulled into a grotto of sorts.  What felt like miles of tunnels later, Rhoshe's head broke the surface.  The air pocket was lit by tiny glass orbs on strings, draped from stalactites overhead and the arches and spirals of a small but elaborate mansion carved into the living rock of the cave.  Her captor helped her onto the pearl-colored sands of the cave, Rhoshe on shaky feet and the fae on pale octopus tentacles.  She was brought inside and set up in a nest of pillows and blankets, and supplied with stacks and stacks of old books, and dressed in silk drapes and fed tiny pearls of varying colors and flavors.  The Octofae referred to her as her treasure, and asked that she do nothing more than exist and be there when the Fae wanted to gaze upon her, or show her off at the occasional gathering within the mansion.  This went on for months, and Rhoshe grew restless.  She tried not to complain, unnerved as she was by the unwavering stare of her captor, but she was at length able to convince the Fae to at least let her explore the grotto.  Once her feet submerged in the water, Rhoshe felt her body changing-- her legs split and grew into into pearlescent octopus tentacles, much like those of her captor, though where the fae's were pale and blush-toned Rhoshe's were a dark like graphite.  Understandably, Rhoshe freaked the hell out.  In a panic, she fled, swimming as fast as she could down the first tunnel she reached.  She emerged in a small pond in Arcadia, and the commotion of her surfacing disturbed a swarm of pixies that shrieked and whirled about her, some stinging, some scratching, others pulling at her hair until a loud voice shooed them away and warm, calloused hands helped her onto dry land.  The bearded man introduced himself as Oakleigh, and calmly asked her where she had come from, and why she was in such a panic.  Rhoshe explained her situation, and as her skin dried her legs returned to their normal state.  Oakleigh offered to take her to a place where she would be safe, and would have the resources to figure out just what changes she had gone through, and Rhoshe agreed.  Oakleigh took her hand and led her to Dunehelden.
The Octofae is still looking for her missing treasure.

Appearance:  Rhose was quite surprised upon finding a mirror and getting a good look at herself after nearly a year in the Fae's grotto-- her skin had grown pale, the color of fresh cream, and absolutely spotless.  Her eyes, once black, lightened to a deep pearlescent blue, closer to navy than anything else, with no pupil to speak of and long, full lashes.  Her lips are full and plump and a perfectly normal rosy hue, though this shows as quite the contrast against her porcelain skin.  Her long hair has a gentle wave to it and is a vibrant, rich shade of auburn.
Aside from the occasional reappearance of tentacles, Rhoshe's body remains the same as it was before her capture-- she stands at 5'6” and has a thick, curvy build, with a small waist and delicate wrists and ankles; she's a little pudgy (girl doesn't really exercise) but this serves to make her look soft and inviting, perfect for hugs and cuddles.  She's a head-turner, and on some level she's aware of it but she still gets embarrassed when people point this out.

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