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Post by Odette Cohen on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:02 am

Player Name: Keme

Name: Odette Renee Cohen
Age: 17
Grade and/or Occupation: Academy Junior. She works at a little antique shop in town, called the Grotto. It's a tall, seemingly precariously built building that is haunted by the spectral store owner.
Species: Human, mage
Race/Ethnicity: mixed, Latina
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: demisexual, heteroromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: Odette's magic is completely involuntary and independent of her will. When she is frightened, she emits an aura that acts like a drug to those who are exposed to it-- similar to the effects of psychedelic mushrooms or LSD. The aura doesn't effect Odette, but it has anywhere from a two to six foot radius depending on how terrified she is.
Magical Weaknesses: Odette has absolutely no control over her aura, and if a person effected by it turns violent, her aura worsens.

Personality: Odette is a sweet, empathetic girl who wants to be affectionate with people, but is very shy and tends to worry about being in the way. She's studious and adores learning about mythology and aromatherapy especially. In fact, she has a bookshelf full of essential oils and pretty jars to make perfumes for herself and friends. (Her own personal perfume heavily features roses with a subtle hint of vanilla.) She has a few hobbies that she keeps to herself, like a love for ballet and a startling talent for recognizing and using different kinds of firearms. Put her on a shooting range and she can hit a target nine times out of ten.

Backstory: Odette was raised by her grandmother, a low-key wiccan mage who traveled around giving lectures at various universities as an expert on aromatherapy. Odette loved being able to see various cities around Europe, even if only for a short time, but as she got older, she tended to catch the eye of some of the males around the campuses featuring her grandmother's presentations. The first time she was attacked, her aura came in at full force. The men in question were left drooling and laughing in the alley. Her grandmother was having none of that-- she started searching around for schools that would offer a wide curriculum for Odette, as well as provide possible tutelage for the control of her aura. She ended up at Lakeshore as a freshman, and has found herself a lovely little job at a shop owned by an old friend of her grandmother's--- he's dead, but... y'know. Still keeping the shop going.

Appearance: Odette stands at about 5'5" with a willowy build that hints at her love of ballet. Her skin is pale, as she spends much of her time either inside the castle or inside the Grotto. She loves breezy days and curling up in Professor Hawk's rose garden with a good book. Her hair is waist-length ad pin-straight, a cool-toned chocolate brown color that matches her eyes. Her brows are straight, lending a melancholy cast to her features, and she tends to play with her hair when she's nervous.
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