Oakleigh and Strekoza (Keme-- NPCs)

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Oakleigh and Strekoza (Keme-- NPCs) Empty Oakleigh and Strekoza (Keme-- NPCs)

Post by Il Tebryn on Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:50 pm

Player Name:  Open NPCs

Name:  Oakleigh Vynoslivik (just... just call him Oakleigh.)
Age:  36
Grade and/or Occupation:  Professor of Regulation of Magics.  Classes tailor-made for Berserker students.  Also teaches the Academy speech class.
Species:  Mage (human)
Race/Ethnicity: Some kinda Eastern European with a hint of Asian-- or he just has aggressively Slavic bone structure.  Hard to tell.
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Fluid.  His anaconda will consider it.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Oakleigh's magic dampens the inherent abilities of others, specifically powers tied to primal drives, like rage.  For instance, if Baby goes berserk and starts breathing fire, Oakleigh's magic will render her unable to produce high enough temperatures for flame.  Which means she would temporarily be breathing hot air.  Or if Sam loses it and starts pelting the Dunehelden residents with balls of explosive energy, Oakleigh can negate her ability to draw upon that energy.
Magical Weaknesses:  Oakleigh's magic can only be used on one target at a time.  He also must be in physical contact with the target, meaning he often gets hurt.  He's a big man and has no trouble wrestling students to the floor, but the short amount of time it takes for his magic to, say, reverse a shift from human to wolf is plenty of time for the target to do some damage with claws and fangs before they shrink back into nails and teeth.

Personality:  Oakleigh is the unnerving sort of calm where, if he's giving you a lecture, you might prefer that he starts yelling.  It seems so much worse that he's disappointed in you for trying to tear the limbs off of your classmate.  He has a fatherly air and an easy smile, and people tend to feel a little calmer with him around.  Maybe that's another aspect of his magic.  Or maybe it's because he looks like he's made of lumberjacks and warm hugs.  
An angry Oakleigh is terrifying, though.  He grows very quiet and expressionless and simply acts.  
Oakleigh is very understanding and often feels personally responsible for the well-being of his students.  He's always happy to give advice and he makes a mean sandwich.

Backstory:  Oakleigh grew up in Lakeshore.  He used to deliver groceries to the Roost and spent his formative years hopping the borders of Arcadia and the Human Realm.  He has friends on both sides, and has been responsible for several runaways both fae and human alike finding Lakeshore.
Oakleigh has been with Dunehelden since it's establishment.
He also possibly has a bit of a shine for Veronique, but he is not about to admit that.  Anyway.

Appearance:  Oakleigh is 6'6” and broad, with chocolate-colored waves that fall to his shoulders when he doesn't rake it back into a bun.  He has a well-kept and rather impressive beard, which occasionally sports braids or flowers if he's gotten bored or let some of his younger students get away with decorating his facial hair.  His eyes are also a warm chocolate color and crinkle at the corners when he smiles.  If he's in Arcadia, he's often seen with a handful of pixies flitting around him.  (He attracts them.  Friendly little things.  They love playing in his hair.)
Character Model: n/y


Name:  Strekoza
Age: unknown
Grade and/or Occupation:  Oakleigh's... pet... familiar... friendthing.
Species:  Pixie
Race/Ethnicity: Pixie
Gender:  Pixie. Will respond to she/her.
Sexual Orientation:  Pixie  

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Strekoza has a bite that causes the target to go numb or tingly (think foot falling asleep) for up to an hour depending on the size of the person.  They also have a high-pitched, whistling shriek that renders all who hear it dizzy and disoriented for several minutes.  If they shriek directly into someone's ear, it is likely to cause bleeding and temporary deafness.
Magical Weaknesses:  Strekoza is tiny and seemingly made of wood, so they would burn to ashes quickly if they were ever exposed to flame.  Strekoza also cannot abide the touch of cold iron, and loses the use of whatever limb made contact for several days.

Personality:  Strekoza is a particularly vivacious pixie, one of the flock that joins Oakleigh whenever he passes over into Arcadia.  Strekoza chose to stay with Oakleigh permanently though, and sticks to him like glue.  Strekoza is very curious and loves the scent of flowers and berries, and will often give tiny pixie kisses to whoever shares their fruit with them in the cafeteria.

Backstory:  Strekoza was born when banshee tears landed on the buds of newly-sprouted heather.  When the flowers bloomed, Strekoza and their siblings rose into the air like glittering gnats.  They were not quite fully grown when Oakleigh first came into their midst, but Strekoza stuck to him the moment they saw him.  Many of Strekoza's siblings are dead now, whether from age or incident, but Strekoza seems to suffer no ill effects from the passage of time.  Perhaps they gain something from Oakleigh's magic.

Appearance:  Strekoza, now fully grown, is perhaps six inches tall.  They appear taller if the quill-bark-things on their head and neck are raised, like a cockatoo’s feathers.  Their skin is mottled grey-brown and very much like bark, with patches of moss on the base of their glittering dragon-fly style wings.  Tiny heather petals ring each of the scales of bark on their head, forming an odd plume in place of hair.  Their eyes are black and shiny, like seeds, and their teeth are needle-like and so thin that they appear translucent.  
Character Model: n/y
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