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The Drunken Loa (NPCs + location) Empty The Drunken Loa (NPCs + location)

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The Drunken Loa bar and tavern is easy to find-- look for the old two-story red brick building covered in vines, nestled against the trunk of a massive tree of indistinguishable origin; the roots grow around and under the building, the blood-red leaves hang over the roof and provide shade for the garden behind.  Stained glass windows bearing images of colorful candles and intricate ribbons of smoke decorate the bar and dining area.  The kitchen is just comfortable enough for the three workers to occupy, and fully equipped to make every hearty menu item.  The collection of rum, tequila, whiskey and beer is unrivaled anywhere else in the bordertown; there is a backroom for private meetings with the owner or one of her associates, whether you want a curse placed or your luck temporarily turned or your fortune read.  The blonde one will get troublemakers off your back for the right price.  The owner will tell you a tale or offer you a safe place to spend the night if you have need.  She will also rid you of a finger or two if you cause trouble on her property.

Patrons are welcome to stay and chat, to drink their sorrows away, to find a quiet corner to study as they work through a platter of food.  The Loa is a popular place for local bands to perform to small groups, and on slower days the old jukebox behind the bar offers plenty of music-- though it regularly gets stuck on a loop of Come With Me Now, by The Kongos.  The owner is a warm, welcoming woman, and her two companions are easy on the eyes and perfectly happy to attend to the crowds.

The second story of the building is the apartment in which the Loa's owner resides, along with her companions.  At night, passers-by can hear her singing through the gossamer curtained windows.  Those foolish enough to attempt to steal from the Loa are never seen again.  Those foolish enough to attack the bar owner are seen again-- strung up by their ankles on the streetlights in front of the bar, battered and broken but alive.  Barely.

Player Name:  Closed NPC

Name:  Rosemary “Romi”  Ouelette
Age:  25
Occupation:  Proprietor and manager of The Drunken Loa bar and tavern.
Species:  Human.  Ish.  Possible fae blood.
Race/Ethnicity: mixed
Gender:  female
Sexual Orientation:  Poly.  Many patrons of the Loa have wondered.  Those that ask won't receive an answer, but if they look to Romi's coworkers they'll find both men smirking.  

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Romi is a skilled practitioner of voodoo, with an influence of pagan witchcraft.  Her specialties involve working with bones and herbs.  She is also exceptionally hard to injure or kill, though that seems to be the work of an outside entity.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Romi's brand of magic involves recipes and rituals; she is unable to perform quick spells or incantations.  

Personality:  Romi is a warm-hearted, sisterly sort who is quite protective of those who come to her for help.  She is also vaguely threatening and is equally likely to knife someone as she is to ruffle their hair and call them sweetie pie.  Romi has a very playful sense of humor, but tolerates no nonsense when it comes to harming others.  Anyone who starts shit with her or harasses her patrons has a choice to make-- Romi takes one of their fingertips off with her trusty cleaver, or the person in question is left to the Vultures.  No one has figured out which one is worse.  
Romi speaks with a Cajun drawl and will happily spin a tale or offer advice to her patrons-- more often than not she can be found sashaying from table to table in the Loa, humming quiet little tunes as she checks on her guests.  At night, she turns the tables out of the booths and lines the padded benches with pillows and blankets.  Anyone can have a safe place to sleep and a hot meal for whatever price they can offer, be it coin or a story or some tiny trinket.  Having lived on the streets herself for quite some time, Romi understands the importance of knowing where to find shelter.

Backstory:  Romi grew up wandering the streets of Lakeshore-- her mother died early from a curse gone wrong.  Her father, Romi doesn't totally remember.  She can recall the scent of cigar smoke, and glasses tinted the color of amethyst, but that's the extent of it.  Since the age of six she was alone, but never felt totally lonely; in times of fear or danger there's always been a warmth at her side, or a sudden coincidence that brought her to a hiding spot or kind stranger at the last possible second.  She discovered early on that if she was cut deep enough to shed blood, the wound would heal.  Bruises and scratches weren't enough to bring forth this effect, but broken bones and torn skin and even near-drowning have been negated by this mysterious magic.  And every time Romi is healed, or her luck turned for the better, she catches the fleeting scent of cigar smoke in the air around her.
The community of Lakeshore as a whole became Romi's surrogate parent.  She learned that most places would offer her a meal as payment for some chore; plenty of families and personally-owned businesses would let her take shelter indoors if she told them a tale or taught them how to make good-luck charms like her mother used to.  Now an adult herself, with her own business and home right above it, Romi is proud to be a part of the community that raised her and will defend anyone who comes to her for protection with the fierceness of a mother bear.  
Romi still has no idea who her father was, though Micah's mother seems to have an idea after hearing Romi speak of him.

Appearance:  Romi stands at six feet even, six one with the curb-stompin' boots she's so fond of wearing.  She always has her trusty cleaver hanging from her belt and her beloved weighted cane on hand-- hollowed to house a stash of ritual herbs and several finger bones, heavy enough to beat the living daylights out of anyone she sees fit to teach a lesson.  She's the kind of pretty that's intimidating, with high cheekbones and full lips, mocha skin and wild curls with striking periwinkle eyes that she must have inherited from her father-- they are clearly not human eyes.  She has a dancer's build with long limbs, a sleek musculature and a manner of movement that is decidedly feline in nature.  She wears a necklace that bears two digit bones and a heavy silver coin etched with a broken death's head.  The chain is just long enough to have the charms rest twixt her breasts so that they're hidden.  Her hands are elegant, with long fingers that have black bars tattooed just below each nail bed.  She has no scars, thanks to her difficulty in retaining injury, and has no piercings for the same reason.  
Romi smells of warm leather and fresh tobacco, with traces of sweet vanilla and spices.
Character Model:  Ashley Moore
The Drunken Loa (NPCs + location) Am710

Player Name:  Closed NPC

Name:  Ezem Xhyl
Age:  22
Grade and/or Occupation:  Assistant manager of the Drunken Loa
Species:  Wakeling, an Old World Vulture Fae commonly believed to be descended from the Bean Sidhe.  (Most reminiscent of the Bearded Vulture, or Lammergeier.)
Race/Ethnicity: y'all know exactly what he is
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Demisexual.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Ezem is skilled in the craft and use of poisons and toxins, any form of which he is immune to.  He suffers from no illness or infection.  He has also mastered the art of reading tarot cards and runes, and he is all too happy to tell the fortune of any Loa patron for whatever price they offer him.
Magical Weaknesses:  Ezem carries a cocktail of poisons and pathogens in his blood, the combinations of which prevent his blood from clotting quickly.  Small cuts are fine, but anything more serious than a particularly deep papercut require a healer to stop the bleeding.  

Personality:  Ezem is calm and intuitive, and is quite reserved until someone gives him reason to act out.  He's very protective of Romi, and of his brother, and though he's sociable with Loa patrons he tends to be mistrustful of other men outside of the bar.  He's always polite, as far as he can help at least, though when he's in a bad mood he gets very quiet.  He's not above telling off rowdy patrons, in the most calm manner possible of course, though the way he does it makes a person feel like they'll be seeing Ezem looming over the foot of their bed in the dead of night if they don't comply.
He turns into a purring kitten when Romi's near him, though.

Backstory:  The Wakelings are a warrior culture, usually seen cleaning up battlefields and often employed for interrogation and other unsavory acts that other Fae don't want to get their hands dirty with.  Ezem rejects this.  He left for the Arcadia border as soon as he was able to fend for himself, and sought out a relative of his-- Auntie Tulip.  Her Roost became his home, and several years later Odol came into the picture.  Ezem took him on as a little brother, partly because Tulip told him to, but mostly because the stigma surrounding Wakelings meant that it was difficult for him to make friends in Lakeshore.  He did find one friend, though-- Romi.  The two of them met as teenagers, and have been close ever since.  

Appearance:  Ezem stands at 6'5”, with porcelain skin and heavy-lidded black eyes.  He has a wide mouth that's quick to curl into a smirk, and when he smiles he has dimples.  There are many flat planes in his facial structure.  He has broad shoulders and a svelte waist, with thick bands of black ink tattooed along his muscular arms.  He's quite handsome and he knows it, though he seems rather demure until someone incites either his playful or vindictive sides.  His wings are usually kept tucked neatly against his back, though they stretch to a massive wingspan-- the inner wing is solid black, with the outer feathers a mottled array of grays and blacks rimmed with white.  He keeps his wings meticulously clean, as he refuses to follow the Wakeling habit of dying their feathers red with blood and marrow.  He is missing the last section of his left pinkie finger, and smells like old books, fresh wine, and Romi.  
Character Model: Lee Hongbin
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