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Post by Dmitry Gilespi on Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:21 am

Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Dmitry "Thrall" Gilespi
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: University Freshman
Species: Half-Fae
Race/Ethnicity: Romani more-or-less
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Magical Powers/Abilities: Mage. Despite being half-fae, Dmitry doesn't seem to have any particular innate talents, but he was raised in Lakeshore and has been studying magic with various levels of seriousness since he was a child. He's much better with ritual magic and enchantment than he is with things like conjuring or divination. There are a few things he's practiced enough to have them down: he can conjure a blade of light that hits like a blunt mace, put up a decently strong ward that lasts for a couple of minutes of concentration, give a gentle mental nudge to consider something he says true or false, and use telekinesis.

If you point out he learned Jedi powers, he will deny it.

Magical Weaknesses: Nothing in particular, outside of being for the most part a normal human being whose ability is limited by skill, knowledge, and effort. Iron sort of feels "off" but it doesn't bother him greatly.

Personality: Dmitry comes off as kind of an asshole, which is not entirely true. He's not usually intentionally mean, but he is pretty tactless and doesn't think before he speaks. He's also brash, loyal, family-oriented, and has a good sense of humor. outside of his family, he's somewhat introverted and has only a few good friends.

Backstory: Dmitry was born in Lakeshore. His grandparents moved there soon after they had kids, his mother is the Sheriff, his Dad is some sidhe somewhere, and I'm gonna finish this bit later.

Appearance: Dmitry is six-foot-something, with broad shoulders and a build that could pretty easily be athletic if he bothered. He has long medium-brown hair in a shoulderblade-length ponytail, tan skin, sharp features, violet eyes, and pointed ears. Clothingwise, he tries for "nerdy but casually hot" and succeeds maybe half of the time.

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