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Post by Winds on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:04 am

Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Winds (Sophia Lee)
Age: 17
Grade and/or Occupation: None at the moment~.
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Javanese/Indonesian
Gender: Questioning (presents femme)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Wild Mage. Winds has a knack for magic involving space and travel. Some sample abilities are: scrying a known location through an appropriate object, sympathetic minor blessings and curses, blessings for safe travel or impeding others, passing through thin barriers with some effort, and misdirection glamours.

Magical Weaknesses: Learning any magic not covered under these types would basically require learning it from scratch, and though Winds can make up magic on the spot, it typically takes a ritual and often takes some kind of physical component or sacrifice. (Accordingly, Winds tends to carry around a number of things in a messenger bag also enchanted with a misdirection.) Long-term spells (such as said glamour) always require some kind of physical component, usually an obvious one, and regular upkeep as the magic conspires to unbind itself.

In addition to that, Winds' magic seems to have a personality of its own. It will usually follow the letter of a spell, but it may take creative liberties with the spirit, go off when unexpected, or simply decide that something Winds wants to do conflicts with something else or halfway through requires additional work or sacrifice. Generally when something decides to go wrong or strange, something strange will manifest physically, often with a gust of wind or some other symbol of air, luck, or travel. (Thus how Winds got the name.)

Personality: On the surface, Winds is smooth, mature, and flirty. Underneath that is a deep inability to trust people, a constant wariness, and a hair-trigger violent temper when confronted with someone who seems like an active threat. If someone can manage to get into Winds' confidence, it would be an amazingly positive thing. Outside of that, Winds loves poetry, fireworks, and stuffed animals.

Backstory: Winds was raised by wolves. Specifically, werewolves- and not all werewolves are nice. This particular insular group had spent a bit too much time trafficking with the local fae, making bargains with spirits, and using their power to terrify and rule the local mortal populace with a subtle and shadowy hand. Sometimes, they kidnap children. Sometimes, those children are "lucky" enough to stay with them rather than being handed over to Arcadia. Winds is one of those children.

Around 14, Winds was able to escape. Chased across the American Southwest by angry magic-users over about a year, hungry for knowledge and safety, Winds caught the attention of something more benevolent and learned how to run faster. They may still be chasing, but it's been quiet for a while...

Appearance: 5'2", slim frame, medium-brown skin, dark brown eyes, and shoulder-length hair with uh... one of those ombre blond/light brown highlights things but all the way up? I will get an icon up at some point anyway. Winds pretty much always presents femme at this point and likes bright colors, especially red and metallic colors. (Characters should default to seeing Winds as female unless otherwise told.)


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