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Post by Jaymie Elderton on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:23 am

Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Jaymie Elderton
Age: 16
Grade and/or Occupation: Junior, somehow, sweet Jesus
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: White/European-American
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight, mostly

Magical Powers/Abilities: Jaymie is totally a talented mage, especially when it comes to things involving long rituals, creating fire or smoke, glamours, or anything that can be done when nobody is looking.

Magical Weaknesses: Does not actually know any magic. At all. No innate talent and none of the hand-wavey chanty stuff has gotten through his head yet. A few of his teachers are aware of this but are letting him slide, whether because they respect his gumption, feel sorry for him, or think it's hilarious that some of the other teachers haven't noticed.

Personality: Jaymie is a loud, extroverted, friendly, very social person. He's also very determined when he has a goal in mind, flighty when he doesn't, ambitious, moody, confident, and creative. He has a habit of biting off more than he can chew and thinking just enough to get himself in trouble, and has been known to buckle under and get incredibly flustered when he likes someone.

Backstory: This is a story about a young man who got a real-life Hogwarts letter and decided to run with it.

Jaymie is an only child from a decently well-off family in Beverly Hills. His mother is a pediatric surgeon and his father is a B-list but well-loved screenwriter. The world he grew up in was totally mundane, but happy; eventful, but not terribly interesting; comfortable, but thoroughly normal. He wasn't a kid who had his head in the clouds or a kid who scoffed at the idea of the supernatural. He didn't care much, really.

Then in eighth grade, just when he was really coming back from- well let's not talk about that- middle school sucked. He lost all his hair and a lot of days of school. Then he got a letter.

It was delivered in the mail like a normal letter, not by an owl, but it was thick and expensive-looking and the address was written in fancy, hard-to-read calligraphy. The return address simply said "Dunehelden", with a strange symbol beneath it. It had the air of mystery and the smell of adventure. It was up there with the top three most wonderful things Jaymie had ever seen in his life, right up next to "cute girl's top came off at beach".

He insisted on following up on it. He bribed his parents into letting him try going. And when he went and took classes and saw it was, really and truly, no hedging, no horrible downsides a real school of magic, he lied, bartered, shaded the truth, manufactured excuses to teachers and schoolmates and parents, and did whatever he needed to do to stay.

He's determined to learn magic for real this year. He also sort of wants to go to college and be a fashion designer, but he's convinced he can do both. He'll figure it out.

Appearance: Jaymie is a classically-pretty blond with tan skin, blue eyes, and a hell of a fashion sense. He's about 5'8" and his hair is straight and flowing and down to about mid-back, and he's basically gorgeous unless you have some problem with prettyboys.

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