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Post by Peace Emberlain on Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:22 am

Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Joseph "Peace" Emberlain
Age: 16
Grade and/or Occupation: Sophomore, has a part-time job somewhere
Species: Human (Werewolf)
Race/Ethnicity: White/European-American
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi/Pan

Magical Powers/Abilities: Werewolf. Peace has the inherent ability to turn into a Gray Wolf. He changes involuntarily on the full moon, and has learned over time to change intentionally, though he's not very good at it. He's a little better at partial changes.

He also seems to have a knack for dream travel and has learned some warding/protective magic, along with the basic spells just about everyone who takes intro magic at Dunehelden is taught.

Magical Weaknesses: Shifting intentionally takes a lot of concentration and willpower, and the only thing he can do without concentrating too hard is claws, mostly because he's been practicing that since he first knew he was a werewolf. Most partial changes are only effective for a minute at most (that's about as long as he can hold it), while a full change, being easier, might last an hour or two. They're also both pretty exhausting.

The main downside of dream travel is that you have to be asleep to do it, and there's always the small chance you'll run into someone or something else in there. Regular magic, of course, takes whatever chants or rituals or visualizations or items it'll take.

Personality: Peace tries to be a nice guy. He's loyal to his friends, very protective, and can be kind. He also has a hell of a temper, and is quick to form an opinion of people and slow to change his mind. He's creative, musical, and active, with a bit of a big brother complex from having to help his family out so much.

Backstory: Peace lived outside of Philadelphia most of his life with his mother and little brother. His father was around intermittently, supposedly because of his job, but given the man had the same temper Peace does, sometimes he wonders. He's had a decent life, but his family isn't very well-off. It only got worse when he started hitting puberty and woke up one evening to his mother screaming.

After a few months of this, his mother got an answer, though he wasn't privy to how: his father is from a line of werewolves. He thought it would miss them. Now Peace's family has moved to a magical town at the edge of Arcadia and he's the main thing keeping his mother from having a nervous breakdown and his brother from doing anything incredibly stupid.

He does his best.

Appearance: Peace is a 6' and still growing, buff hairy wolfman in a leather jacket. He has fluffy-curly red hair, skin just dark enough not to freckle much, and blue eyes. He's very rock star manly-pretty, and is often mistaken for a senior.

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