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Post by Sarah Sternberg on Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:39 pm

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Sarah Sternberg
Age: 17
Grade: Academy senior
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Biracial; half German, half Afro-Bahamian; ethnically Canadian
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual/aromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: Her only power is realm-hopping, via blending blood, sweat, tears and ink. Ex. She writes the word “dragon” on a page during a hot, sweaty day, and then the paper gives her a cut which bleeds and brings a tear to her eye. Blood and tears fall onto the sweaty page, all the liquids mingle and boom, she’s yanked away to a cave inhabited by a dragon.
Magical Weaknesses: her realm-hopping sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, and she can’t easily control the specifics of where she goes. She has no other magical powers or practical knowledge.

Personality: Bookish and curious, with a fondness for poetry and riddles. She generally makes friends easily, though she doesn’t return romantic or sexual attention.

Backstory: She grew up in small-town Manitoba as the daughter of immigrants, and had a perfectly normal childhood up until her first accidental realm-hopping incident (see above under Magical Powers). That landed her in the cave of a dragon named Gorokhan, who was thankfully the intelligent and (most importantly) friendly sort. Sarah taught her to read and write in English, though the magical translation that occurred between them means that Gorokhan has not yet learned to speak in English. Getting home again was not as easy as arriving, however. When Sarah eventually succeeded, she accidentally brought Gorokhan with her. Not long after that, by another accident they wound up in Lakeshore.

A friendly Fae they met recommended they seek out Dunehelden. Figuring she had no better use of her time, and hoping for a way to find out how to control her ability better, Sarah enrolled as a student, and found a part—time job at a bookstore in Lakeshore. Gorokhan joined her in both endeavors, out of friendship and a desire to stay close to someone familiar in a strange world. Sarah isn’t worried about skipping time or missing school at home, as she returned home from Gorokhan’s realm only a moment after she’d left. If she starts getting frantic phone calls from her parents, then yeah, things’ll have to change. But for now she’s just going with the flow.

Appearance: 5’8”, brown skin, deep brown eyes, curly/frizzy dark brown hair, slender build. She dresses casually, usually in jeans and comfy/modest shirts. Her favorite color is turquoise, and she wears it often.
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