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Post by Rúna on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:46 am

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Rúna
Age: 19 (technically 829, because of Arcadia)
Grade: Uni freshman
Species: Swan-person/Changeling?
Race/Ethnicity: Norwegian
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: homoromantic/asexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Flight (only applies when she has/had wings), transformation into swan, speaking with birds
Magical Weaknesses: Currently unknown

Personality: She is brave and stubborn, not one to give up on what she wants without a fight. Of all virtues she clings most to hope. She is friendly to all birds (and a number of bird-people) and terrified of snakes.

Backstory: Rúna was born Sieglinde Toov; she grew up in a valley somewhere in the mountains of Norway, part of a village of peaceful Swan-people. Though men vied for her affection as she grew up, she declined their attention.

When Sieglinde was nineteen, she and her village became the targets of a large-scale Fae plot. These Fae took it upon themselves to enact the roles of Norse gods such as Odin, Brynhild and Loki, and used humans and other humanoids (including fellow Fae) in their designs. “Loki” sent a band of Fomorii, in the role of giants from Jotunheim, to attack Sieglinde’s village. Sieglinde was one of the few who fought back rather than fleeing. Loki took special interest in her, and took away her memories up to and including the attack moments before she fell unconscious from her wounds. She was saved by a Fae in the role of Brynhild, who took Sieglinde and many other young Swan-women into Arcadia to be “valkyries”.

In Arcadia, Sieglinde’s fellow “valkyries” named her Rúna because of her amnesia. They trained in combat together under “Brynhild”, and were routinely sent to bring wayward mortals into Faerie. This continued for more than 800 years, during which time Rúna grew very close to several of her sisters-in-arms. Her closest friends were Brynja, one of the most adept warriors, and Arnbjörg, who had been a healer in Norway.

When 810 years had passed in Arcadia, “Loki” continued his game. He kidnapped a Pooka in the role of Muninn, one of Odin’s ravens, with the intent of luring Rúna to him. She set out with Brynja, Arnbjörg and six others, but by Loki’s design only Rúna found Muninn in Loki’s lair. The two faced off, and Rúna tried to bargain with Loki for Muninn’s freedom and her own memories. This backfired in the worst way possible. Rúna did not regain her memories, save for her true name which Loki taunted her with; Loki tore the wings from her back before shoving her into a pit. Muninn was freed from the cage he’d been held in, but Loki broke his wing and threw him down after Rúna as well.

It was hours before Arnbjörg and Brynja found Rúna and Muninn, and by then Loki had gone on to pursue some other flight of fancy. They brought the wounded pair out and tended to them as best they could, then returned to the abode of “Odin” and “Brynhild”. Despite the pleas of all three valkyries in defense of Rúna’s bravery and sacrifice, both Odin and Brynhild decided that Rúna was no longer worthy to be a valkyrie, and chased her away. Arnbjörg and Brynja tried to follow, but Rúna was separated from them once again. She stumbled through the Hedge and found Dunehelden by mistake.

Seeing a place she could fit in with others both similar and different to her, and hoping to find a way to have her memories restored, she decided to enroll. She’s equal parts shocked and relieved to find that seemingly no time has passed outside of Arcadia since she was kidnapped, even though she was inside for centuries. But still she longs to find a way back and rescue her friends from the Fae’s clutches, and she does not sleep easily knowing that Loki is still able to wreak havoc.

Appearance: 5’7”, athletic build; fair skin, deep auburn hair (typically worn in two braids) and grey eyes. She used to have large white feathered wings, but now only scars remain where they were torn out.

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