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Post by Gorokhan on Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:44 pm

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Gorokhan
Age: Hundreds, but her human form looks in the late twenties/early thirties range
Grade and/or Occupation: University freshman, part-time employee at the Pageturner bookshop
Species: Dragon
Race/Ethnicity: Looks half white, half Chinese
Gender: Trans-female (she/her)
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: Breathing fire (in either form), shifting between human and dragon forms, flying (in her dragon form), immune to fire, superhuman strength
Magical Weaknesses: Unable to swim, vulnerable to cold/ice both magic and mundane

Personality: Reclusive by necessity when she was in her own realm, but open to those who offer friendship. She is a sucker for stories, especially those about dragons from places she hasn’t heard of (which is basically most places on Earth and in Faerie, save for those Sarah has told her about). Though many have tried to kill her for profit, she is not bitter. Now that she’s in a world she’s only heard about, she is intensely curious as to what it holds.

Backstory: Gorokhan hails from the realm of Rakar-ai, created by dragons and for dragons, but with a sizeable human population. She is a mountain-dwelling dragon, the kind that knights routinely attempted to kill, believing her to be a savage monster. Gorokhan slew them all in self-defense, then brought the remains back to the knights’ kindred (if possible), paid the required weregild (if they would accept it), and made many sculptures out of their armor.

Then one day a human girl named Sarah Sternberg appeared in her cave, having accidentally hopped herself there from Earth. The two became fast friends, and aided each other throughout Sarah’s misadventures among the human population of the realm. With practise, Gorokhan found she was able to shift to a human body, though she retained some dragonish ability such as breathing fire. When Sarah finally succeeded in getting home, she accidentally brought Gorokhan with her. The two stayed together in Sarah’s house for a while, until another accident landed them both in Lakeshore, where they found Dunehelden and enrolled together. They also both found part-time jobs at the same bookstore; Gorokhan finds it another good way to work on learning to read and write in English.

Appearance: Her human form is masculine, just like her true dragon form. She is very tall and well-muscled, with catlike green eyes (almond-shaped) and bright blue hair. Her finger- and toenails are colored bronze like her claws are; she wears blue-green and bronze to match her dragon scales. She does not dare risk shifting back to her true form while outside of her own world, though her teeth and nails tend to elongate when she grows angry.

Her true form is that of a masculine dragon, of the huge, scaly, winged fire-breathing type. Her scales are bright blue with a hint of green, and the membrane of her wings is pure blue. Her eyes are bright green with slitted pupils. She has bronze-colored spikes on her head and down her spine, and her curved claws are also bronze. She stands fifty feet high and 150 feet long from snout to tail. Her name means “Strength”, and she lives up to it.

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