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Post by Elspeth MacNamara on Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:28 am

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Elspeth MacNamara
Age: 14
Grade: Academy freshman
Species: Human/Chosen shapeshifter (Seal), with minimal amounts of Fae blood (see Dubhiarr)
Race/Ethnicity: White European/Celtic
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Uncertain, possibly heteroromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: Turning into a seal (without the use of a sealskin), holding her breath for hours at a time, speaking with marine animals
Magical Weaknesses: Currently unknown, as she is still very new to being Chosen

Personality: Not quite so outspoken or fiery as her sister, but every bit as good at swimming. She also enjoys getting lost in a good book.

Backstory: Elspeth is Dubhiarr’s younger sister; see Dubhiarr’s profile for family history and details on ancestry.

During the previous summer, the long-standing pact between the MacNamaras and the Merrow was called into question due to declining numbers of fish in the area. The Merrow, believing the MacNamaras to be overfishing the waters, kidnapped Elspeth and held her hostage under the sea (first ensuring that she wouldn’t drown while she was down there). While imprisoned, Elspeth was Chosen by a seal spirit, who advised her to seek out nearby Selkies for aid.

One of the Selkies happened to be close to the Merrow settlement when Elspeth was in the midst of an escape attempt. He mistook her for one of his kind, as Elspeth’s eyes had become solid black as a seal’s or a Selkie’s since being Chosen, and helped her escape. The MacNamaras contacted the Merrow lord Murchadh, and both sides explained the situation. The MacNamaras were found to not be at fault, as they had records showing exactly how much fish they took from their part of the sea every year, going back centuries. That night, when Elspeth’s Selkie friend could safely walk on land in the mortal realm, he brought her home safe and sound and reunited her with her family.

Appearance: She looks much like a shorter version of her sister: 5’9”, with straight red hair down to her shoulder blades, jet-black eyes (not just the irises, but corner to corner like a seal's) and myriad freckles.
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