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Post by Aaron Tsai on Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:27 pm

Player Name: Tono (New!Kat)

Name: Aaron Tsai
Age: 18 years old
Grade and/or Occupation: College Freshman
Species: Changeling
Race/Ethnicity: Taiwanese-American
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic/Demisexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Aaron's abilities aren't what many would consider "powerful", but he's certainly grateful to have at least one of them. He has complete manipulation over light, and small-scale transformation skills in the form of changing hair color according to various extreme shifts in mood. His light manipulation ties into his transformation abilities as well, allowing him to alter the appearance of his own facial features based upon how he dictates light to hit his face. It's not enough to give him a completely different appearance, but definitely something that makes it so you wouldn't recognize him if you didn't know who you were looking at.
Magical Weaknesses: Though he constantly laments the cliche, Aaron gets extremely uncomfortable in complete darkness. So much so, in fact, that he carries a small vial of sustainable light on a cord around his neck as a sort of "security blanket".

Personality: Often using jokes as a defense mechanism, Aaron's playful nature isn't typically how he acts once he lets someone close. The softer-spoken teen is incredibly loyal, almost what one would consider "puppy-like" in his caring and occasionally naive demeanor. He's also incredibly charming by default, though the moment any sort of flirting or romantic intention is directed at him all of that charm goes out the window and is replaced with nothing more than intense blushing coupled with the occasional incoherent noise.

Backstory: Aaron Tsai was a normal kid, with short brown hair and pretty blue eyes, who had older parents and a normal family. Born in 1975, he was only 9 when he got taken in the spring of '84, snatched up by unseen hands and moved to such complete darkness before he could even fathom to process what was happening. Consumed with a covetous power at the sight of Aaron's innocence and beauty, a fae had decided that he would belong to them and only them, taking it upon themselves to kidnap him and lock him in a prison completely devoid of light or life so that nothing could taint such a precious child. There he stayed for 22 years, locked in the suffocating darkness while the greedy fae would only grace him with a visit once in a while to gaze upon the boy and feed him a diet of nectar-- which Aaron was told was to maintain his "glow",-- until one day he found himself being visited by a new being, someone he couldn't see but somehow knew would be his savior. Within what he believed to be mere minutes after the initial visit, the young boy was swept up into strong arms and before he could manage to form a thought on the matter he was standing alone on a hillside somewhere in North Carolina, formerly-brown hair a soft blonde and his body buzzing with what felt like electricity. It took only a handful of hours for him to be found and he was very quickly shuffled into the foster care system. He never really stayed in one home for more than a couple of months though, because they always discovered just how "bright" of a boy he was at some point. Once he was 18 he officially left the system, receiving an email from Dunehelden seemingly out of nowhere that asked him to apply to the college which he could attend for free. Broke, homeless, and able to do things humans generally label as "freakish", Aaron decided it was really his only option to apply and now he's officially starting his first year at what he affectionately just refers to as "Magic School".

Appearance: He's got a slim build, dark blue eyes like the sky at night framed by full lashes on a decidedly more delicate face. Pale skin adds to his softer appearance, but his shorter ash-blonde hair is the true shining feature as it shifts colors along with his moods. A light pink is embarrassment, darker maroon shifting from embarrassment to arousal, a softer blue is depression, deep red is anger, and a somewhat-bright green gives away extreme jealousy. Aaron also stands at a cute 5'9", which he's slightly insecure about but has come to accept over the years.
Character Model: Mark Tuan
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Full Name: Aaron Tsai
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