Orion (Dr. Regenbogen's Igor)-- INACTIVE UNTIL NEXT SEMESTER

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Orion (Dr. Regenbogen's Igor)-- INACTIVE UNTIL NEXT SEMESTER Empty Orion (Dr. Regenbogen's Igor)-- INACTIVE UNTIL NEXT SEMESTER

Post by Orion on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:55 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Orion (Formerly "Akio".)
Age:  19
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Freshman and Dr. Regenbogen's assistant/TA/Igor
Species:  Changeling.
Gender:  Male
Sexual Orientation:  Hetero, panromantic.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  The power that seems to naturally pass through Orion is something... strange.  At times it seems to be magic, at others electricity, and behaves like it is both.  Or neither.  Orion is trying to figure out what the hell he can use this for, as he has insofar manged to electrocute several people, accidentally start fires in the mess hall twice, temporarily raise a rotisserie chicken back from the dead, and recharge an iPhone that worked perfectly well in his hands and then started tweaking and buzzing as soon as he handed it back to its owner.  At least his talent for the sciences are of use to Regenbogen in the lab.
Magical Weaknesses:  Orion has absolutely no idea what his magic/technology is, let alone what uses he has for it.  Or how to control it, really.  It's hit or miss, and sometimes those misses are dangerous.

Personality:  Orion is a puppy of a young man who wants to make the people around him smile.  He's naturally a smartass and is very, very intelligent, though he doesn't always come off as such.  Perhaps being with the Doctor has corrupted him a bit, but Orion has embraced the mad scientist character with his heart and soul.  He's playful, intuitive, adaptive, and doesn't always know when to stop goofing around and turn on the adult part of his brain.  He's adventurous both in and out of the lab and tends to be just a tad reckless if there aren't delicate chemicals and machinery involved.
He also swears up and down that if he meets the douchebag Fae that took him in the first place, he's going to beat the ever living shit out of him.  Without magic.
But really all he wants us hugs and hot chocolate.  And science.

Backstory:  Orion doesn't remember too much from his pre-Arcadia days.  He was taken by a youngish Fae, the equivalent of a twenty-something, living in the bordertown of Cloudfall, who was quite interested in the technology he caught glimpses of on the human side of the border.  So he decided to create something.  Something amazing.  Something awesome.  Something like a... like a cyborg.  
Of course this Fae had no idea how to create a legitimate cyborg, so he used what materials he had-- a PS4 and an old laptop that someone had thrown out.  Plus a child of about fourteen that he had "found" "wandering" "alone" on the streets of Cloudfall.  Despite the  kid's protests of "what the fuck" and "c'mon man I'm on a field trip here," our Misunderstood Fae Genius replaced the kid with an expertly crafted Fetch of another kidnapped child who was eight years old, female, and of a completely different ethnicity.  (Our Misunderstood Fae Genius did not plan very far ahead.)
Some tinkering around with half-working human technology and no small amount of unresearched magic later, and our intrepid Fae hero had himself a very disgruntled and amnesia-ridden cyborg.  Or something that looked like a cyborg.  He named his creation Akio (found the name in a manga he'd stolen from someone in the park) and proceeded to Change the World by making Akio do all the chores and shit that our Misunderstood Fae Genius couldn't be bothered to occupy himself with.
It took no time at all for Akio to leave.  He researched other bordertowns and found Lakeshore to be of his liking; he then packed up his things (consisting of his actual belongings and several items he stole from our intrepid Fae hero out of spite) and hiked himself to his new home.  Upon his successful relocation, Akio decided that he wanted to name himself.  Something new.  Something different.  So, stargazing in the back garden of the Drunken Loa one night, he decided on Orion.
He then heard a muffled explosion from down the street, and when he went to investigate he found Dr. Regenbogen.  So there's that.

Appearance:  Orion stands at six foot one with a build that suggests athletic ability and a smile that suggests he's an absolutely precious angel of a young man with absolutely no mad science-y tendencies whatsoever.  His eyes are soulful and the blackest of black, and his hair is perpetually messy.  He looks mostly human still, though the seams twixt different sections of his body (facial regions, joints, the usual ball jointed doll-style setup) give him away as something at least partially manufactured. When he's using a large amount of power, these seams (and his pupils) glow-- varying colors depending on the situation, from a gentle powder-blue to a vibrant orange to something close to white but not quite there.  Orion has a single tattoo, "Jealous is the night when the morning comes," in scrawling text on his right pectoral muscle.
Character Model:  Park Jinyoung

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