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Post by Douv Zhou on Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:59 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Daridouvlyn Zhou
Age:  19
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Sophomore
Species:  human-fae mix
Race/Ethnicity: mixed
Gender:  female
Sexual Orientation:  Demisexual, biromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Douv's magic is a reverse of her mother's-- she discourages growth and vitality in plantlife.  Flowers, trees, grass, all wither and dry out around her when she's using her powers.  She may also leech the energy from humans and some kinds of Fae, causing them to grow fatigued and lose their strength.  Only once she's managed to put someone in a permanent coma-- her mother, when she was born.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Any energy Douv has must be stolen from living things, be it plants or people.  Since she refuses to use her powers often, Douv is often lethargic and sleepy.  In addition she has basically no physical strength, and is unable to run or even jog without tiring out rapidly.  

Personality:  Douv is very mellow and attentive to the needs of other people.  She prefers to sit back and observe a situation before joining in.  Quite clumsy.  She's a very sweet girl, but seems to understand all too well the potential that her power has, and on the rare occasions where she loses her temper her ability to judge how far to take her magic is lost.  Since she tends to kill nature Douv prefers to stay indoors or in industrial areas, and has gotten quite adept at using the technology available in Bordertowns, especially when that technology is mixed with magic.  If she were in the human realm, she would be considered a computer genius.  

Backstory:  Douv's mother was a Fae of at least mild nobility, the granddaughter of a Fairest with skin of flower petals and hair of cornsilk.  She called herself Persephone, and loved to entrance young men for the sport of it, watch them grow vibrant and lively with her company and not realise until the last second that her roots had taken hold and that their hearts, minds, and bodies obeyed her will with blind dedication-- living puppets, more plant than human once Persephone was done with them.  What Persephone didn't count on was a young adventuring human using magic-tainted flowers to entrance her.  Once the puppeteer, now a puppet, Persephone lived as his wife in the human realm for years before bearing his child and falling into a coma during childbirth.  Little Daridouvlyn never knew of her mother's past, only of the stories that her father told her, of lengthy love letters and a correspondence lasting years before they found each other.  Her father raised her as a loving single father in Cloudfall, making sure to bring Douv to visit her mother every year on her birthday.  Douv thought it a sweet gesture to make the trek into Arcadia every year.  Her father thought it a safeguard to reinforce the effect of Douv's magic on Persephone.  Just in case the Fae woke up and sought revenge.
Douv decided to go to school in another Bordertown for the sake of broadening her view of the world, and enrolled at Dunehelden when the time came for her University years.

Appearance:  Douv is 5'2" and willowy.  Her frame is positively dainty.  Her hair reaches to her elbows in messy, wavy layers of chestnut and honey colors, which she usually styles up.  She smells of dried flowers and her eyes are a dark pine color with a greyish tint.  Her lips are full and a delicate petal pink and she has a tendency to favor flowing, comfortable clothes in muted or light colors.
Character Model:  Park Hyemin

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