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Player Name: Bre

/Name: Crystal Clearwater, née Christian Collier
Age: 18, though technically speaking, she was born in 1879
Grade and/or Occupation: College Freshman
Species: Human/Changeling
Race/Ethnicity: White/English
Gender: Female, but Crystal was designated male at birth.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Magical Powers/Abilities: From being trapped in the faerie meadow for so long, Crystal has a residual ability to commune with plants and feel their memories and emotions. She can also photosynthesize, which means that she needs to eat rarely.
Magical Weaknesses: Crystal requires regular rain and sunlight to function, and without it, she'll start to wilt and be listless and lethargic. It won't kill her by any means, but it will certainly make her weak.

Personality: Crystal is typically a kind, warm, naturally extroverted person, but seems very uncertain of herself. She also seems to be a bit out of place — or rather, out of time. She has a particularly old-fashioned way of speaking and, on occasion, acting, and still seems to be readjusting herself to the new time and place.
Backstory: Crystal was born as Christian Collier, the "son" of Lord Daniel Collier and Lady Margaret Collier, an only child. Her mother died of illness when she was very young, and Crystal barely remembers her except that she was often very sad and distant. After her mother's death, she had only her maid and the other household servants to keep her company — after all, her father was so demanding and wrapped up in himself that she often looked forward to when he was gone.

And from a very young age, Crystal knew she was different. She knew that she could never be the perfect son her father wanted, and she held more interest in the lovely fashions worn by the young ladies she was forced to attend balls with than in dancing with them or marrying one of them. And on the nights when her father was away, she would sometimes sneak into her mother's room and trace longing fingers over her mother's old dresses. On a few occasions, she even tried them on, though without a maid to help her, she had no way to lace them up.

Then, when she was eighteen, something happened. She sneaked out to her mother's garden, dressed in the half-laced dress from her mother's closet, and, though she hadn't meant to, fell asleep behind the rose bushes...

...And woke in a wide, empty field, covered in flower petals and vines. She remembers a woman made of vines and flowers taking her in, and promising her that she would take care of her, that she would make her look on the outside like she knew she looked on the inside. She remembers weaving daisy chains and wearing dresses made of sunlight and silk, and feeling utterly, completely content.

But it was like a dream. A beautiful dream, but a dream all the same. Her head was in a fog, and she could think of nothing else, remember nothing else. She knew only the scent of flowers and the warm feeling of sunlight on her skin.

She had no idea how long she spent there, living with the flowers in the field. It could have been days, or it could have been centuries, for all that she felt the passage of time — but a man named Bolin came to destroy her mother, and in doing so, woke her up from her faerie dream.

When she came to, she realized that she had been trapped in wilted vines, the field around her barren. And once her head was clear, she realized that she wanted to be anywhere but there.

Bolin brought her to Dunehelden, and the headmistress offered her a place at the school as long as she needed it, or the resources to start her life anew, if she so chose. Uncertain, and trapped in a new world, she chose to stay, because the alternative was too difficult to consider.

Appearance: Crystal is tall, standing 5'10" in flats, with brilliant blue eyes and wavy dirty-blonde hair that has grown down past her shoulders from her extensive time in Arcadia. Wild flowers seem to be perpetually laced in her hair, though in reality, they're as much a part of her as her hair itself. They seem to wilt and bloom with the seasons. She is thin and willowy, with narrow hips and long legs. She dresses in a feminine-yet-conservative style, with high necklines and flowy skirts, and favors clothing that gives her the illusion of a narrow waistline and wider hips.
Character Model: Jenna Talackova
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