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Post by Kazari Baratoge on Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:49 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Kazari Baratoge
Age:  18
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Senior (Held back due to excessive sleeping in class.  Works in a boho clothing boutique in town, called Whipstitch..)
Species:  Werebear (genetic.  The Baratoges are grizzlies.)
Race/Ethnicity:  Hawaiian (mother Samoan, father Hawaiian-Japanese)
Gender:  female
Sexual Orientation:  Gussu

Magical Powers/Abilities:  The Baratoge clan are juggernauts.  They possess unbelievable strength and once they build momentum it is damn near impossible to stop them.  They also have higher core body temperatures (not a power, but definitely a cuddling perk.)  An involuntary shift in form occurs on the new moon, and during lunar eclipses; voluntary shifts put strain on the body, but Kazari's father took pains to build up her and Kumakun's tolerance to that strain.
Magical Weaknesses:  Not breaking into pieces under the kind of stress required to smash through brick walls calls for an extremely dense bone structure.  High densities negate the ability to float.  Members of the Baratoge clan rarely survive falling into deep water, which is quite an issue for island-bound members.  The ill effects of silver have dulled over generations, but this particular Shifter gene appears to carry with it a strain of narcolepsy that is active during the winter months, when a real bear would normally hibernate.  Forcing a shift to her bear form aggravates that narcolepsy regardless of the time of year, and she often sleeps for hours immediately after changing back.

Personality:  Kazari is optimistic and mellow, comfortable being in the company of just about everyone and able to get along swimmingly with most people until given a good reason to do otherwise.  She's very warm and affectionate, and tends to nibble on people.  At least where Gussu and her brother are concerned.  Her temper is slow to build and disastrous when it breaks, though once all the violence is said and done Kazari holds no grudges.  She does have a tell, though-- the angrier she gets, the more she arches one eyebrow.  Her brother calls it the bitch brow.  If that eyebrow is up for more than necessary to make a certain facial expression, she's in a very bad mood.  She's still not entirely in control of her strength and likes to roughhouse with her friends.  
She tends to talk in third person when she's very sleepy/drunk, trying to be cute, or when she wants something from Gussu.  She did it as a child, and it's carried over as a hidden habit.

Backstory:  Kazari's parents, Maile (a physical therapist) and Bujin “Bur” Baratoge (former top-ranked sumotori, bearing the title of ozeki at retirement and nowadays comfortably employed as a high-demand wrestling coach), were excited to bear their first child after six years of marriage.  They were ecstatic to find that they would be having twins instead.  Kazari and Kazuo were beloved and doted upon, raised in an open and playful environment despite the fact that, due to a genetic quirk, one of the twins took on the Baratoge gene in an odd way--  though technically human, Kazuo's default body is that of a bear.
Bujin was perfectly content to have his children homeschooled until the summer just before their thirteenth birthday when, while on a family trip to the mainland, Kazari fell into a lake and immediately began to sink.  Without thinking, her brother ran in after her, and did not realize his mistake until his vision began to do dark.  Half a dozen non-shifting members of the family rushed in with ropes to drag the twins, sputtering and crying, to safety.  Bujin decided that the safest place for his babies was a place devoid of open bodies of water, and where they did not have to worry about hiding as they transformed.  After months of research, he discovered Lakeshore and contacted Veronique to enroll the twins.

Appearance:  Kazari has a kind face, tan skin dusted with faint freckles across her nose, cheekbones, and shoulders.  Her eyes are a warm grey color, occasionally with faint tints of green or hazel, and when she smiles they narrow almost to slits.  Her hair is honey-brown, lightened from a more chocolate color from time spent out in the sun.  She's 5'8", brawny and clearly fully capable of snapping a grown man in two, but her build is very curvy and she has just the right amount of pudge to offset her musculature so she doesn't look like a body builder.  The Baratoges love to eat, a lot, and Kazari wears the weight well-- she turns heads when she walks down the street.  

In bear form, Kazari's fur is the same gentle honey-brown color as her hair and she stands eight feet tall on her hind legs.  
Character Model:

for Teddy!Zari
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