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Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Yudain al-Tanis
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: Ambassador/University Freshman
Species: Fae (Fairy Dragon)
Race/Ethnicity: Vaguely Middle Eastern
Gender: Genderfluid (Male <-> Female)
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Fairy Dragon. Yudain is able to shapechange freely between forms in a bordertown, including partial changes with concentration, though he's generally stuck in human form when in the mundane world and in wyvern form when in Arcadia. The wyvern form is a smallish (beagle-size, and mostly wings/tail) silver lizard-type with brilliant blue and chartreuse markings, with two wings and two back legs. His long tail is tipped with a stinger with venom that induces heart palpitations, vertigo, and visual/olfactory hallucinations. He has no innate talent for glamour or other magic (though is capable of learning like anyone else), but does have a mild form of True Sight in that he can see things under glamour if someone else points it out to him.

Due to the Ambassadorship's magical implications, certain of the old laws are strengthened in his presence when he's on official business (or something that can be justified as such). So long as he strictly upholds a code of hospitality and honor, breaks no laws of the realm he's in (whether any of the great castles and wilds of Arcadia or the mortal world), and does no harm to any intelligent creature, he tends to find safe travel and safe boarding. He generally has a vague "gut feeling" if he's about to break a law regardless of whether he's invoking the protection of the Ambassadorship, but to know the actual letter and spirit of the law requires wits and knowledge.

Magical Weaknesses: Anything made of cold-forged iron stings, and cold-forged iron used as a weapon does terrible damage. He must hold to his promises, defend the weak, and attempt to bargain fairly. In addition, he has strong urges to gain glory and recognition among his peers and to hoard precious things- a subjective term. If he picked something in particular to value, the urge would settle, but in the meantime his attention flickers to anything he percieves as valuable. (Most dragons, of course, hoard jewels, wealth, books, or rare experiences.) For whatever reason, probably due to being a natural shapeshifter, Yudain now changes sex when his gender changes. Strictly speaking this is only mildly inconvenient (clothing, etc.) and only that because Yudain has made no attempt to control it for fear it might stop happening. He is of course clearly fae to True Sight and similar tricks.

Some Ambassadors have found themselves tricked or coerced into breaking some law while invoking the power of its magic. This is generally not done as an attempt to harm them or complicate negotiations, as the magic is powerful to be so wide-reaching and there's very rarely much of them left to harm when it gets done with them.

Lore: There are many dragons in Arcadia. The fairy dragons in particular are a group of smaller species, like Felis to the Panthera of the bigger fire-breather and river-spirit types. They range from pixie dragons with fluttery butterfly wings small enough to be held in an adult human's hand, to the roughly child-sized elemental dragons, to drakes that run from human sized to elephant sized. The fairy dragons all have in common the same general body-plan (two or four wings, two legs, no forelimbs) and are all cunning mid-level predators with humanlike intelligence.

Dragons are rare even in Arcadia, though the pixie dragons in particular find common employment as messengers and some of the larger drakes own mystic libraries. Like many fae, some of them are capable of having children with humans, and their blood can pass on in part or in whole depending on any number of factors (the specific dragon species being a big one).

Personality: Yudain is generally a very reserved person, used to the dangerous politics of a bordertown. He can be quiet, polite, and cunning, though when he lets loose, he has a wild streak. He's adventurous, boisterous to a fault, competitive, and extroverted, and he'd love to indulge that side of himself more often. He also doesn't like talking about himself much or divulging information, and takes to lying easily, and sometimes does so simply because it's easier even if it doesn't serve his purposes very well.

Backstory: Yudain is from a bordertown called Whitemountain, from the old and noble line of the House of Tanislivaya. Whitemountain is a haven for fae-blooded and those who wish to walk between worlds, and is known for its diplomacy and trade. Many mortals with fae magic and artifacts have bartered them from some trader associated with Whitemountain, and one should not underestimate the love of some fae for things like smartphones and DVD collections. The houses are old and powerful, and like many fae structures are bound by ancient traditions and treaties that may make very little sense in the here and now. In the case of the House of Tanislivaya, a child of the original lineage must inherit the rulership or the house will dissolve, and that child must be (among a few other less relevant things) male.

Yudain is the only child of aging Fae-blooded parents, with most other candidates for the title politically disastrous or worse. Yudain was raised as male, in the hopes this would be good enough, or at least suffice until another child was born. He was a sickly child, which while not exactly fun for him, helped to keep him away from the eyes of others and out of immediate danger.

This was until three years ago, when many of the houses of Whitemountain were called to a great war in Arcadia, long waged but newly inflamed. Suffice to summarize that his House was threatened and called by treaty; his parents did their best to negotiate and sacrifice something else for the sake of things, until he slipped out one night and ran off to be a soldier. Though somewhat undisciplined and a terrible strategist, he had cunning, and a terrifying talent with blades that brought him glory and, eventually, survival. He came into his blood during one particularly terrible battle, becoming a terrible dragon-monster and ravaging the battlefield long enough to turn the tides and allow the Prince to escape.

Yudain and the Prince had become close to friends before that, but at that point it was settled. Sadly, in an aristocracy even a Prince's word is not absolute, and both the war and the growing political instability in Whitemountain still rage. For several reasons, an Ambassadorship was created, and Yudain was sent to Lakeshore. No one, including Yudain, expected him to succeed, but the Headmistress saw something she liked in the young dragon (he's pretty) and decided to accept him- if he would enroll in her university. And now here he is.

Appearance: Yudain is 5'10", with a slim frame, long black hair in a smart mid-back braid, and brown eyes. He has tan skin, and to those who can see things of the fae, he has a crown of silvery horns around his brow and head and bright scales like freckles. He has a regal demeanor and tends to dress in the somewhat archaic style of his home city, though he does own a few mundane suits, a bit of basic clothing from the mundane world, and at least one set of glamour-enchanted robes.

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