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Post by Aravilui on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:37 am

Player Name: Ara

Name: Aravilui
Age: You know, a reasonable amount. They're a little younger than Carmelor, go ask him.
Grade and/or Occupation: Professor of general outdoor survival classes, hunting, archery, that sort of thing.
Species: Definitely Fae of the Elf-looking variety.
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Northern European.
Gender: Agender (pronoun they)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Ara is a consummate hunter. They are supernaturally stealthy, and their arrows go where they want the arrows to go.
Magical Weaknesses: Fae. So, cold-forged iron.

Personality: Aravilui is quiet, reserved, and in general very patient. And surprisingly reckless, but that probably won't come up. Probably. They are friendly, but tend not to be the one to reach out. They do have a temper, but unless you're threatening lives, you're probably good. They love to cook, mostly the sort of thing you can do over a campfire if you just happen to travel with a wide variety of spices that don't grow locally. They also tend to be, whenever possible, extremely neat. (Scrubbing soot off forge ceilings has been known to happen. Maybe. They aren't admitting to anything.)

Backstory: Aravilui is the eldest child of the Master of the Hunt of the House of Silver. As mentioned before they're a little younger than Carmelor, and the two of them are the sort of friendship that can go forever without interaction without losing its strength. Not that it happens much. When Carmelor decided to start exploring, there wasn't any question of Aravilui following. Leaving them behind would have been the more impressive feat.

Appearance: Standing at about 6'2, Aravilui is the sort of pale you'd expect from someone who doesn't see the sun all winter because it got too tired to get over the horizon. Their eyes are large, wide, and a very dark purple, and a little deepset. Their hair is a brilliant deep gold with red highlights visible only in natural light, which they wear to their midback and outside of class tends to be rather intricately braided. There are a fair number of faded scars all over, but especially on their arms and chest.

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