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Post by Zaïren on Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:30 pm

Player Name: Ara

Name: Zaïren
Age: 16
Grade and/or Occupation: Academy Junior
Species: Swan person/ Hamadryad
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Greek. So, technically white, but darker skinned.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pan.

Magical Powers/Abilities: His natural talents all tend toward encouraging plants, and even some minor control. He could probably move that minor to major if he really cared to, but he favors making things flourish the way they are naturally inclined rather than forcing things to conform to his will. He can fly, and is working on learning to control the wind at least a little. Updrafts on command? Yes please!
Magical Weaknesses: He's a little hothouse flower. Cold is not fun at all, and he tends to gripe about it long before it's a problem. Winter levels of cold, such as snow, will make him very sleepy very quickly. His wings are also very sensitive.

Personality: Zaïren is fiercely loyal, and tends to throw himself completely into anything he does. He often jokes he does something with every fiber of his being, and isn't really aware of the word 'moderation'. He is, however, fully capable of self-control. When he remembers. He's sixteen, give him time. Actually, he's rather quiet most of time. He can be pretty vain, but knows how to keep that to himself.

Backstory: Zaïren doesn't remember his father at all. All he knows about him is what's obvious when he looks in the mirror. The embarrassing honk sound he'll make when he gets too riled (positively or negatively) is also pretty indicative. He's just grateful it's a mute swan rather than a trumpter. Quiet honk is much less embarrassing than something that echoes forever. He doesn't remember too much of his mother at all either, though he knows she was connected to a laurel tree. Or was a laurel tree? It's a bit hazy. He was pretty young when he came to Auntie Tulip's Roost, and he has the feeling that his not remembering how he got there is a mercy. It probably involved axes.

Appearance: Zaïren is attractive in a classical Greek androgynous sort of way. Standing at 5'8, he's lean and fairly well muscled. His skin is olive-toned, in a slightly more literal meaning as there is a hint of green as well as simply being a light goldbrown. He has the black markings of a swan about his eyes, but the irises and pupils themselves look perfectly human, though they're an unusual bright green. His hair is shoulder length, golden, and naturally forms loose ringlets. About the last inch (when straight) is naturally green, as are his wings.

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