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Post by Hitomi Gilespi on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:07 pm

Player Name: Bre

Name: Hitomi Gilespi
Age: 16
Grade and/or Occupation: High School Junior
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese and Romani
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight. Well... straight-ish. Hitomi is bi but hasn't really figured it out yet.

Magical Powers/Abilities: Hitomi learned a lot of tips and tricks of divination from her mother, who was a master at it. Tarot cards, pendulums, runes, palmistry... Hitomi knows a little about all of it. She also possesses a gift for psychometry—that is, the talent for reading the history or the future of an object or person by touching them. It's not a very precise power, and it is not always one Hitomi can control, however.
Magical Weaknesses: Other than all the normal weaknesses of a human... Hitomi's inability to control her psychometry can be dangerous, sometimes because it can be misleading and other times because it leaves her temporarily vulnerable and disconnected with the world while she uses it. And like any magic that involves channeling Arcadia through you, her divination is dangerous, and if she starts to feel like she's losing control of herself, she has been known to panic.

Personality: Hitomi is kind, generous, friendly, talkative, prone to gossip, and loves to meddle in other people's lives—you know, lovingly. She can sometimes come off as flighty and impulsive, but only because her interests are so easily captured by anything new and interesting. She also has a bit of a cruel sense of humor sometimes, but she can't really help it. I mean, you'd have a cruel sense of humor too if you grew up with Hitoshi.

Backstory: Like her brother, Hitomi has lived in Lakeshore since her mother moved back to the town when she was two. And while she wasn't as close to her mother as her brother was—Hitomi was always the more outgoing of the two, and made friends more easily than her introverted brother—Hitomi loved her mother dearly. Her mother, a fortune teller, taught her to use tarot cards and crystals and runes the way she taught Hitoshi to cook, and in her absence, it's always been something that's made Hitomi feel closer to her. And though she doesn't share the same obsession with Arcadia that her brother does, she too finds herself haunted by her mother's disappearance.

Since then, she and her brother have lived with their aunt, the town sheriff, who Hitomi suspects shares a similar obsession to Hitoshi of recovering her lost sister, though she never speaks of it, as well as her two older cousins. Between her home, full of life and energy and noise, and the crowded school, Hitomi has always felt comforted by the masses of people and support around her.

She also has a fat, grumpy cat with rusty orange fur named Pumpkin that lives with her in her dorm room. Pumpkin is six years old, and Hitomi's best friend.

Appearance: Hitomi is about average height for a girl, standing 5'4" (the same height as her brother), with long, pin-straight brown-black hair, though she often chooses to curl it. She has a thin, almost boyish figure, and when she and her brother were younger it wasn't uncommon for them to trade places and wait for someone to catch on. (Apart from their mother, people rarely did.) She dresses fashionably, in autumn tones and neutral colors, and looks a bit like someone who likes pumpkin lattes a bit too much. Which she does.
Character Model: Arden Cho
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