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About the World: An Overview Empty About the World: An Overview

Post by Veronique Poulain on Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:12 am

An Introduction:

Dunehelden started years and years ago as a Proboards RP. It was simultaneously more structured and less cohesive, but ran for several years and was largely successful! Unfortunately, for a variety of different reasons, the roleplay ended up dying out. However, this is its revival! It is neither a sequel nor a direct remake, but a reboot. The previous version of Dunehelden and the events bear no effect to this one... unless, of course, you want them to.

What is a Bordertown?

Based on the Bordertown short stories, a "bordertown" exists between the Fae and Human worlds, and is inhabited by both. The magic from Arcadia flows through it, though not with the same intensity as Arcadia.

Where is Lakeshore?

Lakeshore doesn't seem to exist in any physical place in the human world, but rather, with one foot inside of the human word and one foot out of it. It touches the human world at many points, but can be found only by only by those who are looking for it — usually. But then, sometimes the town has a mind of its own.

What is Dunehelden Academy?

Dunehelden is a school founded to be a safe haven for fae, humans, and everything in between. It is comprised of both a high school and a university, and teaches all the classes one would typically expect from a typical high school and college, as well as classes pertaining to Arcadia and magic.

What kind of creatures can attend the Academy?

Strictly speaking, everyone at Dunehelden is either human, fae, or some combination of the two. However, any and all mythical and supernatural creatures are fair game — all of them have evolved or descended from the citizens of Arcadia.

How does technology work within Lakeshore and Dunehelden?

Technology itself functions a bit...randomly. Magic and technology are not meant to exist together, and when they do, sometimes technology does strange things. Most of the time it works normally, and many of the humans in Lakeshore do have technology. But sometimes... well, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes they go very wrong.
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