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Plotstuffs for Svanhild! Empty Plotstuffs for Svanhild!

Post by Vincent Hawk on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:11 am

Okay, so I'm basically just copy-pasting our entire Skype convo here. Wall of text go.

[9:40:40 PM] Kyra Bergen: In her original story, she was at first a human named Sigrlinn, who died at 19 after her home was attacked by giants from Jotunheim under Loki's command. Moments before she died though, Loki decided to be a troll (pun intended) and, knowing Brynhild would be coming for her, stole all her memories of being human. Sigrlinn was then brought to Valhalla and made a valkyrie; her sisters-in-arms named her Runa because of her amnesia. Brynhild never told her who she was/had been. This haunted Runa for over 800 years, which was all according to Loki's plan.

810 years after Runa's death, Loki kidnapped Odin's raven Muninn ("Memory"), knowing full well that Runa would jump at the chance to find him and get her own memories back. In the inevitable confrontation, Runa tried to bargain with Loki for Muninn's freedom and her memories, but she wound up getting her wings ripped off and pushed down a hole with Muninn, after Loki taunted her with her true name.

Her sisters-in-arms rescued them, but Loki got off scot-free. The valkyries brought Runa, now mortal, to the threshold of Valhalla, where Odin and Brynhild discussed her fate. They offered her the choice between regaining her wings and immortality, or getting her memories back and staying a mortal. When her friends pledged to sacrifice their own wings to stay with Runa in Midgard, Runa begged for a compromise, and Runa was given both her wings and memories. It was then that she chose the name Svanhild, as neither Runa nor Sigrlinn felt right anymore.

[9:42:15 PM] Greenling: ...neat.
[9:42:58 PM] Greenling: I would suggest Changeling escapee, possibly a modern girl who really did spend 800+ subjective years in Arcadia and is deeply confused as to how it's still the early 21st century.

[9:43:09 PM] Kyra Bergen: Oooh, that could be cool.

[9:43:12 PM] Greenling: ^^

[9:43:59 PM] Kyra Bergen: I have some stuff for Svanhild right now from earlier, but it's not the same as that. Lemme copy-paste.
[9:44:18 PM] Kyra Bergen: ] Svanhild was born Sieglinde Toov; she grew up in a small Norwegian village in the mountains, among herders and farmers. Though men vied for her affection as she grew up, she declined their attention.

When Sieglinde was nineteen and hiking in the mountains, she garnered the attention of two spirits: a malicious trickster serpent and a benevolent warrior swan. The trickster bit Sieglinde and mocked her as she lay bleeding; the poison stripped Sieglinde’s memories. The warrior Chose her, fended off the serpent and stopped Sieglinde’s bleeding, though she was unable to reverse the effects of the poison. Then she brought Sieglinde into the care of a clan of Swan-people living in a secluded valley. Because of her amnesia, they gave her the name Rúna, but she chose the name Svanhild for herself.

Between her new friends and the large white wings that had grown from her back, Svanhild initially believed she had become a Valkyrie and been taken to Valhalla. She quickly realized she was not among Valkyries (because many of the Swan-people were male, and no true Valkyries are), but they soon told her she had been blessed by a different spirit, which wasn’t all that different in the long run. She still had wings and the power of flight, and the added ability to speak the languages of birds.

After several weeks the Swans tried to bring her back home, but Svanhild stumbled through the Hedge and found Dunehelden by mistake. Seeing a place she could fit in with others both similar and different to her, and hoping to find a way to have her memories restored, she decided to enroll.

[9:46:57 PM] Greenling: could do that too.

[9:47:34 PM] Kyra Bergen: *nod* was thinking not!Loki could possibly be an NPC villain at some point.

[9:47:58 PM] Greenling: in which case she'd probably need to be some kind of Chosen or something and we'd basically be making that up. or you could make her a Changeling and go with like 90% of her original backstory. so it's up to you.
[9:48:01 PM] Greenling: totally could. :3

[9:48:25 PM] Kyra Bergen: Yeah, but now I can't decide whiiiiich. XD

[9:48:32 PM] Greenling: haha.

[9:49:13 PM] Kyra Bergen: I'm not sure how being a Changeling would make her a pseudo-valkyrie for one thing.

[9:49:23 PM] Greenling: well, I can't help you much, but I do think the original backstory would be pretty badass and different and probably have lots of hook opportunities for Kat-fae and Emi-Changelings.

[9:49:58 PM] Kyra Bergen: oh definitely, but I'd need to do more than just change the gods' names. and that's tricky.

[9:50:03 PM] Greenling: if she's a Changeling then most of what happened to her would probably be part of the drama she was a part of and the role she was expected to play.
[9:50:06 PM] Greenling: *nod*

[9:51:39 PM] Kyra Bergen: I think it could be feasible that there'd be overlap, though, given that the Viking era was rife with raids on the British Isles, and there are/were such people as Norse-Gaels, whom I think kind of adopted the Celtic belief systems or possibly blended Celtic and Norse stuff?

[9:55:15 PM] Greenling: oh, because of that? nah, I think that if we start holding the fae entirely to Celtic myth we're gonna have to excise a lot of stuff.

[9:55:27 PM] Greenling: I mean, Alex is a kitsune. not a fox shapeshifter, a literal kitsune.

[9:55:44 PM] Kyra Bergen: well, that accounts for a ton of my confusion about the worldbuilding so far, so. :/

[9:55:50 PM] Greenling: haha, sorry about that.
[9:56:15 PM] Greenling: yeah, "fae" is not being used in a super-traditional sense. imagine more urban fantasy.

[9:56:51 PM] Kyra Bergen: not a genre I'm widely read in. I've -heard- of the Borderlands stories, but I've only skimmed through them like once, and that was so long ago I can't remember when.

[9:57:02 PM] Greenling: yeah, I've only barely heard of them tbh.

[9:57:23 PM] Kyra Bergen: and I haven't read the Dresden Files or anything either.

[9:57:26 PM] Greenling: but if you wanna go hardcore Norse, you can totally go hardcore Norse.
[9:57:55 PM] Greenling: Dresden Files is only good up to a point. X3 though you would probably like it up to that point.

[9:58:08 PM] Kyra Bergen: well, my issue with that is that Bre didn't want the gods to be very active, or so I gathered, so Iunno how to include Loki or Brynhild in that.

[9:58:26 PM] Kyra Bergen: lemme see if I can dig up her actual words...

[9:58:57 PM] Greenling: you would probably have to make them not gods, it's true.
[9:59:03 PM] Greenling: nah, I remember.

[9:59:18 PM] Kyra Bergen: "Hm... Your characters can worship whoever they want but I would prefer to leave the gods ambiguous, rather than having an active hand in the world, so a swan woman might be better."

[10:01:01 PM] Greenling: *nod*

[10:01:16 PM] Kyra Bergen: yeah, the swan-spirit and snake-spirit was my attempt at the not-gods thing. My success is debatable. XD

[10:01:27 PM] Greenling: aw. X3
[10:01:51 PM] Greenling: well, you can have a court of fae who've taken on the identities of random Norse gods because they think it's funny.

[10:01:56 PM] Kyra Bergen: Hmm...

[10:01:59 PM] Greenling: (or think it's accurate)

[10:02:02 PM] Kyra Bergen: XD
[10:03:00 PM] Kyra Bergen: I pity the poor Fae who chose to play Odin, given he's missing an eye.
[10:04:27 PM] Kyra Bergen: ooh, I could totally blend ideas together if I did that. What if Svanhild was part of a whole group of Swan-people who were kidnapped by Fae to play the roles of valkyries?
[10:05:04 PM] Kyra Bergen: maybe I could make her closest friends NPCs?

[10:07:09 PM] Greenling: you could!
[10:07:11 PM] Greenling: that would be awesome.

[10:07:15 PM] Kyra Bergen: : 3
[10:08:29 PM] Kyra Bergen: also, plot! She could set out to rescue her friends, who didn't/couldn't/wouldn't come with her to Dunehelden for whatever reason.

[10:10:12 PM] Greenling: Very Happy
[10:10:20 PM] Greenling: ... potential Hitoshi hook.

[10:10:24 PM] Kyra Bergen: oh?

[10:10:43 PM] Greenling: re: figuring out how to enter Arcadia safely.

[10:10:51 PM] Kyra Bergen: Aaah. ^^
[10:15:29 PM] Kyra Bergen: so... hm. *buckles down on backstory* Fake-Loki sends some nasty kind of Fae to attack village of peaceful Swan-people, fake-Brynhild kidnaps Sieglinde and other women to join her band of not-valkyries, 800 years of shenanigans... hm...
[10:16:30 PM] Kyra Bergen: I have to wonder how well these Fae would "play" together, given that Loki is so often against all the other gods.

[10:17:46 PM] Greenling: hehe.

[10:42:28 PM] Kyra Bergen: *pokes backstory* Debating whether to actually rip Runa/Svanhild's wings out or just mangle them so she can't fly for a while, cuz I have no idea how they'd magically regrow if we're not involving literal Dei ex Machinae.
[10:45:17 PM] Kyra Bergen: ...though it IS incredibly tempting to have Vincent magically regrow her wings in Dunehelden via the healing song from Tangled. : 3 "Let the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine..." etc.
[10:46:50 PM] Kyra Bergen: ...ohmygosh, he could totally mess it up and do that by ACCIDENT while trying to heal a less serious injury. Maybe he says "change the Fae's design" instead of "Change the Fates' design." Eeeeee.
[10:48:19 PM] Kyra Bergen: (I did a couple similar things in my RP with Kat, one of which involved that exact mistake. ^^; Vincent accidentally temporarily killed someone that way, though Aramis restarted his heart right away so no harm done. XD And the time before that, in the previous RP, he accidentally, turned a friendly Fae mortal while trying to save his life.)

[10:54:25 PM] Greenling: that sounds amazing.
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