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Post by Asher O'dair on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:20 pm

Player Name: Vi

Name: Asher O’dair
Age: 21
Grade and/or Occupation: Third year in College at DH as well as Teachers Assistant for Professor Oakleigh, dealing with difficult and beserker students.
Species: Human mage with a bit of Fae blood
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity)
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Unsure. He hasn’t thought about it much tbh.

Magical Powers/Abilities: Asher has the ability to turn his skin, muscles and bones into metal. They haven’t been able to tell what kind of metal he is able to change into but they have done some testing on it and it has a VERY high melting point and is exceedingly durable. The worst that has happened to him when he was in a mostly metal state is that he was hit really hard in the abdominals with a burst of powerful magic and he got dented. When he changed back he had a rather serious bruise that lasted for a few weeks. With Asher’s determination and focused mindset he was able to master his powers at a very early age.
Magical Weaknesses: Since Asher’s magic is metal and his mother was partially fae his magic can act up from time to time. If he uses his powers too often or for too long of a time period he might have trouble turning some of his body back to normal. It’s not uncommon for him to still have a metal bicep, finger, hand or part of his chest after an especially long sparring or restraining session with Baram that can take upwards to 2 hours.  Also, after he turns back to normal from being metal his muscles have a tendency to be sore or stiff especially in his arms, legs and shoulders.

Personality: Asher is a bit more on the serious and stoic side. It’s not like he’s not playful it just takes him a bit to loosen up. His humor is a bit more on the blunt and coarse side. His father is a police officer and that shows with his demeanor and how he addresses his superiors, very respectful and professional.   He is not one to be overly physically affectionate unless it’s someone he is VERY close to, like his mom.

Backstory: Asher grew up in New York USA. His dad was a Police officer and eventually got ranked up to Commissioner. His dad was the one that originally had his power of being able to just turn his skin into steel and that alone saved his life on the line a few times. His mother was a nurse and is now a at home caregiver for the elderly. She didn’t know until after she had Asher that she had any Fae blood. Asher found out about DH through his dad and decided to attend. He reached out to Oakleigh to help out with the beserker class, considering his magic he has been very useful. Asher has specifically been placed in charge of trying to help re-socialize Baram Morgan who he has become a sort of friend to over the past several months.    

Appearance: Asher stands at roughly 6' 3" and has a lean yet muscular build. He has sandy brown hair with undertones of darker brown throughout, it always looks wonderfully fluffy and soft. His jaw is very nice and has one of the most stunning smiles, whenever he actually does. His skin is a bit on the fairer side and he occasionally has some scruff that suits his face to make him look a bit older and more manly. His eyes are a nice golden honey color with small flecks of what could be green.
Character Model: Same MFing Claflin cause he is so friggin hot I can’t.
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