Making Christmas (OPEN)

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Making Christmas (OPEN) Empty Making Christmas (OPEN)

Post by Gorokhan on Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:41 pm

Gorokhan had been very pleased to find metalworking as a class option, and intrigued to learn how to do it in her current form. Sculpting metal statues as a dragon was easy; doing it as a human took a whole new set of skills. At least she still had her dragon-fire to help her along. This project was much smaller than those she was used to making, but no less detailed. How could she do anything less than her best, when this was meant as a gift for her first human friend?

Gorokhan kept the heat of her fire steady as she placed and hammered the hot metal piece by little piece, crafting a necklace in the shape of a dragon clutching a book in his front claws. It wasn't a representation of her own dragon form, masculine though she was -- that might come off as conceited. But she was sure Sarah would appreciate it all the same. The holiday called Christmas, which she'd heard her fellow students remark on now and then, seemed an ideal time to give such a gift.

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