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Post by Korlian on Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:10 pm

Player Name: Ara

Name: Korlian
Age: 15
Grade and/or Occupation: Sophomore in the Academy
Species: Fae
Race/Ethnicity: Irish. You know, if he were human.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pan

Magical Powers/Abilities: Telemetry. Depending on his familiarity with a person or item, Korlian can scry from five to twenty feet around his target. He has a collection of various items, mostly small jewelry, that he likes to give to people. They are all items he's very familiar with, which allows him to scry anything within ten feet of the item, though he does have a ring that would allow him up to twenty feet if he gave it out. However, currently only his family is important and familiar enough to him for him to scry without an item, and they all allow him a twenty foot view. He requires clean clear water and a bowl carved of a single piece of fir wood. (He keeps one with him as much as possible.)

Magical Weaknesses: Cold-iron, like all Fae of Faerie, is anathema to him. Iron around his target will also disrupt the image, making it hard or impossible for him to understand what he's seeing. As mentioned above, cloudy water will disrupt the image, and it requires a specific type of bowl. He also must fulfill any promise he makes, though he must actually use the words "promise" or "vow" for this to kick in. Needless to say, he's very careful with those words.

Personality: Korlian is calm and, mostly, reasonable. If Lhachlhass is fire, Korlian is ice. Once he's made up his mind, it is nigh impossible to get him to change it. He is also fiercely, almost dangerously possessive. He will give a warning if someone's upset him, but he is vindictive. He's also highly intelligent, and tries to be a step ahead of most people around him. He's irrationally afraid of swiftly moving water, and tends to dislike even so much as a very deep bath. Showers are fine, even enjoyed.

Backstory: Like Lhachlhass, Korlian claims to be a prince. He can get nasty if people are too dismissive when he makes the claim. He was promptly on time for the beginning of the school year, and seems to mostly be trying to behave like any ordinary student. Except he shares his brother's tendency to climb around outside as if the school was a jungle gym instead of using the halls.

Appearance: Korlian looks more like he's trying to look human than actually managing it. His eyes are unnaturally upturned though generally wide and friendly, his face is rather sharply triangular and he has a tendency to do a very Cheshire Cat-esque grin, though thankfully it doesn't leave his face. A long scar runs from his right temple down his cheekbone toward his nose, though ends about parallel to inner corner of his eye. He is very pale, with eyes that range from a pale grey to the color of a darkly overcast sky, and shoulder length wavy hair that has just enough color to be blond instead of white. His canines are sharper than one would expect, which only adds to his rather feline appearance. He's 5'6" and showing indications of being likely to grow much taller.

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