Liam Farrell (Ireth) and Eve Farrell (NPC - closed)

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Liam Farrell (Ireth) and Eve Farrell (NPC - closed) Empty Liam Farrell (Ireth) and Eve Farrell (NPC - closed)

Post by Liam Farrell on Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:43 pm

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Liam Farrell
Age: 17
Grade and/or Occupation: Academy senior
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: White European
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual, hetero-romantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: None
Magical Weaknesses: None

Personality: Quiet and unassuming, but friendly. The aftermath of Eve’s murder has left him skittish around strangers and terrified of sudden loud noises. He loves music and is a skilled cellist and singer.

Backstory: Born and raised in Tralee, Ireland, Liam had a perfectly normal childhood with his parents and twin sister Eve. Things went to hell when they turned seventeen in the summer of 2014, and Eve was killed in a drive-by shooting as part of a plot orchestrated by a sect of amoral necromancers, the Order of the Shroud. The plot went awry when Eve’s spirit wound up stuck in Liam’s mind rather than in the corpse the Order was aiming for.

Liam didn’t start hearing Eve’s voice in his head until after her funeral, and at first he thought he was going insane. She managed to convince him he wasn’t crazy or demon-possessed by borrowing his body for the first time and writing him a letter. The next day they set out trying to find a way to free Eve from Liam’s mind. Research at the library turned out fruitless, and then a stranger, seeing Liam’s frustration and grief, suggested a long walk in the woods to take his mind off his troubles.

Liam took the suggestion to heart, but it blended with fear that Eve’s killer would return to finish him or his parents. He convinced his parents to leave town, and they went camping the first night in the woods south of Tralee – just as the stranger, secretly one of the Order, had planned. When Liam was alone, the stranger hunted him down, intent on taking Liam captive so the Order could take Eve’s soul for their own ends. Liam managed to evade the stranger long enough to stumble through a rift and wind up in Lakeshore instead.

Appearance: 5’8” and slender, with fair skin, shoulder-length blond hair and grey eyes.

- - -

Player Name: NPC (closed)

Name: Evelyn “Eve” Farrell
Age: 17
Grade and/or Occupation: N/A
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: White European
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: Borrowing Liam’s body (only while he’s unconscious)
Magical Weaknesses: Borrowing Liam’s body reduces her chances of ever being free of it. She is currently unaware of this. Eve has access to Liam’s senses even when she isn’t borrowing his body (and borrowing makes them stronger), but either way she has no access to his thoughts.

Personality: More outspoken and bold than her brother, though since her death she rarely has the chance to show her personality to anyone other than Liam.
Backstory: See Liam.

Appearance: See Liam. (Eve is a disembodied spirit living in Liam’s mind, and thus has no physical appearance of her own.) Those with mage-sense can perceive her spirit/magical signature entwined with his, but exactly how depends on the mage.
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