Halloween: The Costume Party (Open/Main Thread)

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Halloween: The Costume Party (Open/Main Thread) Empty Halloween: The Costume Party (Open/Main Thread)

Post by Veronique Poulain on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:48 am

The student lounge had been covered in fake cobwebs, doused in eerie green light, and filled with every sort of creepy sort of décor that the student council could conceive, from dusty old books to half-melted candles in sconces, and naturally, all the furniture had been draped with white sheets for atmosphere.

The table in the student lounge was full of all the spooky treats one could ever hope to eat, provided by the baristas at your friendly neighborhood coffee shop, The Magic Bean, as well as some of the students and staff at Dunehelden. (Watch out for the cookies — Ellie's cookies and Hitoshi's look nearly identical, but rumor has it Ellie adds habenero seeds to hers.)

Oh, and there was also plenty of creepy music. Played on an enchanted organ, naturally, which was much more reliable than any electronic music played. Currently the thing seems to be stuck in a loop of Monster Mash, Thriller, and the theme from The Twilight Zone, but every once in a while it seems to decide to play some ominous cacophony of unpleasant sounds or the first few bars from the overture of Phantom of the Opera.
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