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Player Name: Ireth

Name: Dominic “Dom” Hawk
Age: 47
Occupation: Phys. Ed. teacher
Species: Human/Arctanthrope (AKA non-hereditary werebear)
Race/Ethnicity: White European
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: turning into a bear, superhuman strength and sense of smell even in human form
Magical Weaknesses: burned by silver, vulnerable to sleep-spells and similar, grows fatigued more easily around the full moon

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, and scarcely less stubborn than his younger brother, with a bit more of a temper. He’s a sci-fi/fantasy geek through and through, much like Vincent, while still being the athletic jock/biker type. His “baby” is a motorcycle he nicknamed Celebroch (“Silver Horse” in Sindarin).

Backstory: See Vincent’s profile for backstory pertaining to the Fae.

Dom never married, preferring the life of a bachelor to that of a husband, but he helped Vincent raise Ariel as any loving brother and uncle would. Though Dom never forgot the incident with the Fae, he kept his knowledge of them to himself, even when Vincent accepted a job at Dunehelden. Dom himself worked a mundane job as Phys. Ed. teacher in Leeds High School, at least until the summer of 2010.

That summer brought Dom on a backpacking trip across continental Europe. In Budapest, Hungary, he came across a pair of thugs accosting a young woman and trying to rob her. Dom quickly intervened, and the woman escaped while the thugs put up a fight. He sustained a knife-wound to the thigh and a bite to the shoulder before successfully driving them off.

The thugs’ intended victim ran for help and found a friend of hers, who brought Dom into his house so his aunt, a nurse, could tend to Dom. That was where Dom found out the nature of the thug who’d bitten him: an arctanthrope in human form. Not by any info on the thug himself, but because Dom burned his hand touching a silver souvenir he’d bought for Ariel earlier that day.

With ten short days between the fight and the following full moon, Dom and his new friends set out to find a mage who could cure the disease. They failed, and as soon as he got home again Dom resigned from his job in Leeds and took up the same position at Dunehelden, starting the following September. He’s since grown somewhat more comfortable in his own skin, and learned to shift voluntarily as well as every full moon.

Appearance: 6’1”, muscular build, shoulder-length blond hair (starting to grey), a short beard and bright blue eyes (the same shade as Vincent’s). He often wears a leather jacket and a scarf even when not biking. He has a few scars; most noteworthy are a stab wound in his thigh and a bite on his shoulder, both from the night he was bitten by an arctanthrope. His bear form is a Eurasian Brown Bear.
Character Model: Sean Bean / Boromir
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