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Post by Bolin Honghui on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:25 pm

Player Name:  open NPC

Name: Rhythan
Age:  He doesn't know.  He does joke about not looking his age, though.
Grade and/or Occupation:  School cook.  Also self-proclaimed "Head of Culinary Sciences."
Species:  some kind of something.  a ghost, but with substance.
Race/Ethnicity:  erm...
Gender:  male...?
Sexual Orientation:  gastronomy

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Rhythan remembers every recipe and every flavor of every food he has ever eaten.  And some that he hasn't.  He can pinpoint a person's cravings by their scent alone.  He also is technically a phantasm of sorts, so he can float and pass through solid objects and stretch his body and features at will.  Total manipulation of his own body mass.  Also, being a ghost, physical malady and injuries do not phase him.  
Magical Weaknesses:  Rhythan cannot leave the castle grounds.  There is something about the magic within the grounds that keeps him corporal, and he will begin to dissipate if he passes certain boundaries.
Personality:  Rambunctious.  Flamboyant.  Vaguely sparkly and, at times, extremely unsettling.

Backstory:  Rhythan seemingly came with the castle.  He's rather mad, and if he has a backstory, he doesn't remember it.
Appearance:  Rhythan's default size is about six and a half feet, though since he can stretch and shrink at will he tends to tower over people for theatrical effect (he tends to settle at around 7'2".)  His build is reminiscent of an emaciated teenager after being thrown in a taffy puller.  White skin, white hair, white everything, save for eyes that are mirror-black with a dull green tinge.  His teeth are also sharp and triangular, like a shark's.
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