Barthoulemus "Fable" Jones (NPC)

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Barthoulemus "Fable" Jones (NPC) Empty Barthoulemus "Fable" Jones (NPC)

Post by Bolin Honghui on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:11 pm

Player Name: open NPC

Name: Barthoulemus "Fable" Jones
Age: Old. Old and craggy.
Grade and/or Occupation: Librarian. Resident boogeyman and the go-to threat when explaining to Freshmen why they shouldn't leave their rooms after curfew.
Species: golem. Maybe human at one point.
Race/Ethnicity: impossible to tell. bridge troll, perhaps.
Gender: male

Magical Powers/Abilities: Fable remembers every word from every page of every book he's ever read. He knows all of the old stories and all of the old legends and perhaps a few of each that the world itself has forgotten. Also, being a golem, he is immune to magical attack. It sloughs off him like water off the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Magical Weaknesses: Fable remembers. With age he becomes less human, more stone and moss, and eventually the only grasp on humanity he'll be able to retain are those stories in the books he so treasures. And since he is immune to magic, healing magic does nothing for him.

Personality: Fable is grumpy and paranoid and has absolutely no patience for people who don't respect books. He's fully capable of violence, but has a secret soft-spot for those students who find solace in the pages of a book. He's very stern, though almost fair at times, and has yet to see any student return a book late.

Backstory: How Fable came to Dunehelden (or indeed how he came to be flesh-made-stone) is a mystery. He has simply always been here.

Appearance: Fable has a stoop that would put a mad scientist's lab assistant to shame. Were he capable of standing upright, he would probably reach a little over six feet. At one point he must have been athletic, with a broad chest and sturdy limbs, but now his hair is grey and frazzled, left only in clumps here and there on his mossy scalp. He has but one tooth in his protruding lower jaw, made of stone. His eyes are a dull, dark green and he is missing his left ear-- it seems to have been gnawed off, and not all at once. Fable walks with a hobble from joint pain, and his hands and feet are huge.
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