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Post by Rudeth Gilespi on Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:46 am

Player Name: Bre

Name: Rudeth
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: Univeristy Freshman
Species: Half-fae, half-human.
Race/Ethnicity: Half-romani, half-sparkly magical elf man.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: None, that he knows of.
Magical Weaknesses: Rudeth is a little uncomfortable with cold iron, but it doesn't bother him the way it would a full fae, or even a normal half-fae.

Personality: Rudeth is like someone cast a spell on a Disney prince and it came to life. But not one of the oldschool ones. Like, one of the lovable-yet-goofy post-1990 princes. He's charming in a way that's borderline-cheesy sometimes, a hopeless optimist to the point of being a bit naïve, and a more-than-occasional Poor Decision Maker who is easily influenced by his even bigger Poor Decision Maker friends.

Backstory: Rudeth has lived happily in Lakeshore all his life with his mother, his twin brother, and — after the unfortunate disappearance of his aunt — his two cousins. He's very close with all of them, especially his brother. (He also adores his Grandma, who's a bit kooky in the fun old lady sort of way.) He also has a fae father, somewhere, though he's never met him. His mother will talk about him when asked specifically but doesn't usually volunteer information on her own. Rudeth suspects she might still love him, though — why else would he never have seen her with anyone else?

(I know this is a very short backstory. Rudeth's life has been mostly quiet and uneventful.)

Appearance: Rudeth is just over six feet tall, with light brown skin and messy shoulder-length brown hair. He has broad shoulders and is solidly built. He has violet eyes and handsome features.
Character Model: (None yet.)

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