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Post by Chen Baobei on Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:52 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Baobei "Baby" Chen
Age:  17
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Junior.  She's secretly a lounge singer at a swanky Fae-exclusive club in town. (Muirin Meaghan, or "The Pearl" for short.)
Species:  Half Qilin (Kirin)
Race/Ethnicity:  Chinese, raised in the UK
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation:  demisexual, biromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Baby's magic is at it's strongest either when she's very, very angry or very, very happy.  Whilst in a rage, she may breathe fire or sprout a pair of black, crystalline antlers.  She grows faster, able to sprint and dash with the speed and agility of a deer.  When Baby is ecstatic, she can float up to two feet off the ground and summon billowing mists from thin air.  Oddly enough, Baby involuntarily grants several hours of good luck to those she kisses.
Magical Weaknesses:  Baby's nature renders her incapable of telling lies.  When she grants someone good luck, she is cursed with bad luck for the hours in which the grant is active.  In addition, her very being is repulsed at the sight or smell of blood-- she grows faint and shaky, and if it gets on her she will puke.  (Her own blood is a very bright shade of red, almost pink, with a silver cast to it.)

Personality:  Baby is very warm and playful, though she comes off primarily as abrasive and sarcastic until one gets to know her.  She is the kind of highly protective that gets kind of offended when her loved ones decide to take the bodyguard role-- "No, I'm allowed to get hurt.  You're not."  
Baby is inquisitive and adores motorcycles.  She grew up in and around garages (father was a mechanic) and has a talent for tinkering with motor bikes, and want to build her own once she graduates.  

Backstory:  Baby's father was originally a Qilin, or Kirin, who consumed meat and therefore lost all semblance of his magic.  Baby had a chance to inherit the magic latent in her father's genes, but her father either forgot or neglected to tell Baby what she was, and did not bother keeping meat out of her diet until he remembered to enlighten her.  Baby, distraught over the loss of being a fucking dragon-deer-thing (her father never elaborated on what exactly a Qilin was-- everything Baby has learned since was through research and exploration) immediately cut all meat from her diet and roped her father into helping her find an active Qilin relative.  She was taken to a great grand uncle or something (no one mentioned exactly what he was to her) and was startled to find that upon crossing the borders of Arcadia, patches of scales sprouted from her skin.  Her eyes changed from a more human appearance to the rather doll-like current look, and she came down with a rather violent bout of hiccups that had her producing little balls of flame from her mouth.  Apparently, since she consumed meat as an innocent and without knowledge of what she was, her magic remained latent instead of fizzing out completely.
Baby was ecstatic.  She started spending summers with her relative in Arcadia, who was the one who helped her enroll in Dunehelden.
Her father has since ceased communication with her out of jealousy.

Appearance:  Baby stands at about 5'8" with fluffy black hair and grey eyes, the pupils of which are far larger than they should be.  In fact, it looks like she's wearing black circle lenses, with just a thin line of silver at the very edges.  Her lashes are long and full like those of a doe.  There is a faint strip of steel-grey down and thin silvery scales running twixt her shoulderblades, fading down to her lower back.  She has matching patches of scales (without the down) on the backs of her calves and forearms.  
Baby's sense of style tends to favor torn skinny jeans and leather jackets, and she always has a pack of cigarettes on her.  She never seems to need a lighter though, as the cigarettes light as soon as she takes a drag.
Character Model: Han Hyeyeon
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