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Post by Vincent Hawk on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:47 pm

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Vincent Hawk
Age: 43
Occupation: Music/Choir professor, Academy principal
Species: Human (Mage)
Race/Ethnicity: White European
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: His power works via a combination of his singing voice, willpower and imagination/intention; it is very broad, but not all-powerful. Anything from a few words to an entire song can work depending on the nature of what he wants to do. More complex or specific spells require more words to get things right, so composing his own spells can take a long time.
Magical Weaknesses: He can’t heal himself, or do anything ridiculous like throwing cars at people. Since singing spells takes longer than speaking short incantations or waving his hands, it’s easy for those with different magic to interrupt him if they care to. His power is limited by what he can envision, put into words (or find a pre-existing song for), AND sing aloud. It also tends to abide by the letter of what he sings rather than his own intention, if there are subtle differences or insufficient details there. This is especially true when Fae are involved. It rarely ends well.

Personality: Good-natured and extroverted, but equally strong-willed and stubborn, with a talent for singing and a great fondness for musicals (especially Phantom of the Opera, though NOT the sequel, Love Never Dies). He loves dressing up in costumes, and does so every year on his birthday, which fittingly falls on Guy Fawkes’ Night (Nov. 5). He is very compassionate and protective of those he cares for, especially his family and closest friends. And with his protective nature comes the tendency to worry about virtually everything that will or can go wrong in a situation, and whether or not he can do anything to prevent or fix it. This has the unfortunate side-effect of giving him stomach ulcers if he isn’t careful to prevent them or treat them early.

Backstory: Vincent had a fairly normal childhood, growing up in Leeds, UK with his parents and older brother Dominic (“Dom” to his friends and family). His first marriage was to his high school sweetheart, Christine, with whom he had a daughter named Ariel in November of 1994. But complications in childbirth led to Christine dying of puerperal fever a matter of days after giving birth. This also coincided with the moment he found out that Fae exist.

As Vincent sang to Christine in her last moments, three Daoine Sidhe (technically one full Sidhe and two half-Sidhe) heard him and crept into their hospital room. The leader was in search of a child to claim as his own, and little Ariel was a perfect candidate. The Fae revealed themselves, and the leader laid claim to Ariel, but Vincent and Dom fought tooth and nail to protect her. Ultimately they slew one of the half-Fae, while the others retreated, injured and empty-handed (save for the body of their comrade).

The incident was not without consequences, and Vincent spent several weeks in a mental hospital, while Dom cared for Ariel at home. At first Vincent tried in vain to prove to the doctors that he hadn’t simply imagined the Fae, but he soon learned that keeping quiet was the wiser choice. But he never forgot the incident, and as soon as he was released he vowed to not be caught off-guard again. He bought every book he could find on the Fae, and raised Ariel to believe in and fear them. In 2004 he was offered a post as music/choir teacher of Dunehelden Academy, and accepted it, thinking it a golden opportunity to gain himself and Ariel first-hand education on the Fae and their ilk. Eventually he took on the post of principal in the Academy as well, though choir is still his favorite. Ariel has since graduated from the Academy and gone on to a mundane university.

Vincent’s first long-term relationship since Christine’s death began when he met Diana Harrows, a lycanthrope English teacher from North Dakota, who came to teach English Lit at Dunehelden a few years after he arrived. He learned ASL to easier communicate with her, and they dated for three years before getting married in May of 2010.

It was shortly before he proposed to Diana that Vincent’s latent magic manifested, after another encounter with the Fae and their enchantments. Vincent’s magic repelled that of the Fae, though he didn’t fully realize what had happened until later. Since then he’s been learning about his magic as he goes, mainly by trial and error, as he hasn’t yet found anyone with similar magic to teach him more about it.

Appearance: 5’11”, lean but strong; short, light brown hair and bright blue eyes. The left half of his face bears burn scars several years old, from a cooking accident during his first marriage.
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