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Player Name: Bre

Name: Blaise Alberi Jungsoo Des Rosiers Park
Age: Either 18 or 32, depending on whether you count the time he spent in Arcadia. (He doesn't.)
Grade/Occupation: College freshman.
Species: Human (Changeling)
Race/Ethnicity: Half-Korean, half-white/French
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual/Gray-aromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: Blaise has the ability to turn into completely solid gold.
Magical Weaknesses: As of right now, Blaise has no control over when he does and doesn't use his power: it happens automatically whenever he's startled or afraid. It also leaves him completely immobilized, which is not always an advantage, even with the skin of gold.

Personality: How do I begin to describe Blaise Des Rosiers Park?

Blaise is flawless. He has two fendi purses and a silver Lexus. I hear his hair is insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials... in Korea. His favorite movie is Varsity Blues. One time he met John Stamos on a plane and he told him he was pretty.

One time he punched me in the face... It was awesome.

Backstory: Blaise is rich.

Or, well, he was rich. Technically he's sort of rich now, too, but that doesn't really count since the Headmistress probably isn't planning to keep providing for him once he's out of school. Oh, and he's sort of made of gold now, so if you take that into account he's probably the richest person at Dunehelden, but it's kind of hard to spend gold that's part of your skin. (Not that Blaise hasn't tried. Paying someone with a gold statue of yourself just likes kind of suspicious. Plus the whole not-able-to-control-when-he-changes thing.)

Blaise grew up in New York City, the son of a famed French fashion designer and the CEO of a major technology company. And, generally speaking, Blaise got the impression his parents didn't much want children. He seldom saw his father, even when he was home, the only time she ever seemed to pay attention to him was when she was displeased with him. So, naturally, Blaise took to stirring up so much trouble that it was impossible for her to ignore him. Mostly it just resulted in him getting himself into trouble and wasting a lot of money.

Then, when Blaise was 16, something happened. He doesn't remember much — he was at a party, and he'd been drinking, and might have had something harder in the process — but he does remember the warm, dark feeling pressing in around him, the sparks of color dancing around the edges of his vision. He remembers wandering away from his friends, and getting lost down an alley made of gold. And then everything went dark. Blaise had thought he was dreaming, until he woke up.

He realized, when he woke up, that he couldn't moved. He remembers being kept on a shelf, and a tall, blue-skinned woman he knew only as The Collector. He had no idea how long he was kept there, at least not until he escaped. He remembers other figures like him coming and going, being traded and sold like porcelain dolls, not people, to other Fae. But never Blaise — the Collector wouldn't let anyone else lay so much as a finger on him.

That's when he saw the Headmistress. At first he thought she'd come to shop from the collection. But then she and the Collector argued, and then... Then Blaise was waking up in Lakeshore with the Collectors other trinkets. Veronique worked to get the others home, and since most of the other children had been there only a few years, getting them home was easy, and their families were all happy to have them back. Blaise had been gone for over a decade, and even if he'd wanted to go back, what would there have been to go back to? His parents had no doubt moved on, if they'd even cared he was gone at all. (His father, he suspected, might not have even noticed the difference.) And Dunehelden... well, for the first time, Blaise was somewhere that felt real. Because for all of it's magic and chaos, Blaise felt like he could be himself.

Veronique offered to provide him shelter and sustenance, and — though she never called it as much — a family. She had already taken in three other children under her care, so what was one more?

Appearance: Blaise is about average height, standing 5'8", with medium-complexioned skin that seems to have golden flecks speckled within it. His hair is a deep  golden-blond, and his eyes are dark, almost black, with the same fleck of gold. Most notably, his nails are solid gold, embossed with delibate designs.
Character Model: Lee Hongki
Blaise Des Rosiers Park (Bre) Lee3_110
Blaise Des Rosiers Park
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