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Post by Kazuo "Kuma-kun" Baratoge on Sat Oct 03, 2015 5:02 pm

Player Name:  Keme

Name: Kazuo “Kuma-kun” Baratoge
Age:  18
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Senior (Held back for skipping class too often.  Works for the Sealed Scroll, a delivery service that runs all over Lakeshore.  Delivery Bear!)
Species:  Werebear (genetic.  The Baratoges are grizzlies.)
Race/Ethnicity:  Hawaiian (Samoan mother, hawaiian-japanese father)
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  demi

Magical Powers/Abilities:  The Baratoge clan are juggernauts. They possess unbelievable strength and once they build momentum it is damn near impossible to stop them. They also have higher core body temperatures (not a power, but definitely a cuddling perk.) An involuntary shift in form occurs on the new moon, and during lunar eclipses; voluntary shifts put strain on the body, but Kumakun was required to take human form so often (can't exactly have a bear waddling around in public most places) that he no longer feels any ill effects from forcing a transformation.
Magical Weaknesses:  Not breaking into pieces under the kind of stress required to smash through brick walls calls for an extremely dense bone structure. High densities negate the ability to float. Members of the Baratoge clan rarely survive falling into deep water, which is quite an issue for island-bound members. The ill effects of silver have dulled over generations, but this particular Shifter gene appears to carry with it a strain of narcolepsy that is active during the winter months, when a real bear would normally hibernate.

Personality:  Kumakun comes off as a little grumpy at first, and a little pessimistic, and a little overprotective.  In reality he's a playful ball of cuddles that just happens to have a short temper.  He's a very loyal and at times judgmental person, and can dish out jokes as well as take them.  Do not make passes at his sister, though.  He's been known to break limbs for that.  Also don't muck around with Gussu, his honorary brother, as having a massive grizzly bearing down on you is liable to ruin your day.

Backstory:  Kazari's parents, Maile (a physical therapist) and Bujin “Bur” Baratoge (former top-ranked sumotori, bearing the title of ozeki at retirement and nowadays comfortably employed as a high-demand wrestling coach), were excited to bear their first child after six years of marriage. They were ecstatic to find that they would be having twins instead. Kazari and Kazuo were beloved and doted upon, raised in an open and playful environment despite the fact that, due to a genetic quirk, one of the twins took on the Baratoge gene in an odd way-- though technically human, Kazuo's default body is that of a bear.  The “Kumakun” nickname started off as a dad joke, something to call Kazuo on the days he was human.  Then it stuck.  Most of his friends call him this out of habit now.
Bujin was perfectly content to have his children homeschooled until the summer just before their thirteenth birthday when, while on a family trip to the mainland, Kazari fell into a lake and immediately began to sink. Without thinking, Kazuo ran in after her, and did not realize his mistake until his vision began to do dark. Half a dozen non-shifting members of the family rushed in with ropes to drag the twins, sputtering and crying, to safety. Bujin decided that the safest place for his babies was a place devoid of open bodies of water, and where they did not have to worry about hiding as they transformed. After months of research, he discovered Lakeshore and contacted Veronique to enroll the twins.

Appearance:  Kumakun stands at ten feet tall on his hind legs, with mottled brown fur and an expressive face.  His eyes are a warm grey color, at times carrying a hint of green or hazel.  

As a human, Kumakun is 5'11” with tan skin dusted with faint freckles across his cheekbones and shoulders.  His hair is honey-brown, lightened from a more chocolate color from time spent in the sun.  He has a face that's quick to smile and a body that would probably get him into trouble were he to default to human form, with the kind of muscles that look soft and cuddly until he's using them to uproot a tree or remodel someone's skeletal structure.  Like Kazari, he tends to turn heads.  
Character Model:
Kazuo "Kuma-kun" Baratoge (Keme) Bearku11

also, Lee Jota.
Kazuo "Kuma-kun" Baratoge (Keme) Https311
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Kazuo "Kuma-kun" Baratoge

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