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Post by Gussumaru Kenji on Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:19 am

Player Name: Figure it out.

Name: Gussumaru Kenji
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: University Freshman (Art-Glassblowing)
Species: Half some kind of dragon Fae and half some kinda glass Fae.
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Japanese and Polynesian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Kazari

Magical Powers/Abilities: These'll make more sense when you look at Gussu's backstory but here goes. Heat can't hurt this kid. Can't do it. In fact he can fucking breathe fire. He also has dragon horns, made out of glass as well as wings and a tail. His flesh is not technically flesh so he can't be cut like a normal person can.
Magical Weaknesses: He can shatter though. Or rather begin to shatter. The glass is hella strong and it takes a lot to straight up break it but shattering is a thing. Generally if left alone the shatter will heal itself. Also Gussu literally has a life flame instead of a heart or working organs. If it he gets too cold he turns back to lifeless glass and that's it. He's gone. It has to be very cold for a very long period of time. As he starts to get really cold he starts to become very stiff and revert back to glass.

Personality: Gussu is pretty happy-go-lucky. He can lose his temper fairly easily but he knows that and does his best to keep that under his control.When he loves people he loves them fiercely. If anyone says anything about Kazari, Kumakun, his friends, or his dads Gussu goes from zero to defcon four faster than you can realize you're down two arms and a spleen.

Backstory: Gussu is the son of two male Fae, Hylos a Fae of Living Glass and Kuno a Dragon Fae, who decided they really wanted a kid that had some element of both of them. Hylos crafted a baby of glass and Kuno used his dragon fire to give the child life, and then there was a Gussu. Gussu got into glass blowing early and he's going to Dunehelden to further his skills. He also enjoys being a dragon and going on the occasional rampage.

Appearance: Gussu is 6'1" and muscular. He has darker skin being the Fae equivalent of half Japanese and half Polynesian. He has dragon horns, wings, and a tail made of glass that have fleks of gold and red. His has the Asian eye structure but with dragonish pupils that are a vivid shade of green. Gussu has reddish brown hair that he wears in a mohawk fade and he has his ears pierced, three gold rings in the middle of each ear.

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