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Post by Carmelor on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:41 pm

Player Name: Gussu

Name: Carmelor/ Carmen
Age: Carmelor is in the young adult range for a Fae, he's some age, I mean, he's been alive for a specific number of years like everyone else.
Grade and/or Occupation: Carmelor does things with metal, and wanders around Lakeshore, and possibly works for Veronique.
Species: Fae of the Sidhe variety.  
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Caucasian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Carmelor can bring metal to life, as in he can make it organic, something that he can control and bend completely. If he crafts it himself and shares his blood with the metal than it can live as long as he does. If he adds his blood to something that he didn't make he can control it for a few hours.
Magical Weaknesses: Except for cold forged iron, not touching that shit.

Personality: He's logical but sometimes he chooses to be an idiot. Like he should hug his girlfriend and he knows that but he headbutts her sometimes, and well, Fae deal with cracked skulls pretty well all in all. He's easy going and hard to anger, he tends to let things go pretty quickly.

Backstory: Carmelor is from the House of Silver, a noble family of Fae who specialize in metal magic. Except for cold iron. Fuck that shit. The House of Silver is one of the benevolent old Fae families that lives near the borders of Arcadia and the human world and may possibly have some human in their blood. Carmelor lived in Arcadia until fairly recently and was educated their as well. He decided that since the time when he'll be expected become the new head of the House of Silver was coming closer he should go explore the human world while he still has the freedom to do so.  

Appearance: Carmelor is 6' even. He has a medium muscular build from spending his entire life being a blacksmith. He has long silver hair that he usually keeps back behind a light blue bandanna that he got from his mother. He has silver eyes that almost seem metallic in the right light and he has small scars up his arm and around his torso from forging and experimenting with forging.


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