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Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Kemekin Evans-Barros
Age:  17
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Freshman (early academy graduate), works at an art supply store called The Inkstone.
Species:  kindahuman; half dryad, partial brownie.  He's a Kemekin, whatever that means.
Race/Ethnicity: mixed; mostly east-asian with a touch of hispanic.
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation: Autochorissexual, whateverstrikeshisfancyatthetimeromantic and so flirtatious.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  If Kemekin had more control over his magic, he could be a talented healer (though his magic naturally lends itself towards a more offensive nature.)  He is most adept at influencing the nervous system, though with Ellie's guidance he's learning to manipulate other living tissue.
Kemekin also seems to have a knack for showing up out of nowhere and disappearing without anyone noticing.  It's not teleportation, but just an ability he's inherited from his mother's side of the family.
Magical Weaknesses:  Kemekin's magic tends to turn back on him, either because he doesn't use it often enough and it backs up, or he uses it too much and loses control.  When this happens his magic starts to take physical form, crystallizing into thin roots of sorts, spreading through his body and causing seizures of varying severity.  When this happens and another healer is not around to calm the magic Kemekin becomes rooted to the spot and must remain for however long it takes for his magic to recede, which may take anywhere from ten minutes to several days.  The longest incident had Kemekin rooted to the ground in the park for a week and a half.

Personality:  Kemekin is mischievous and that odd kind of charming where people are equal parts amused and exasperated by his presence.  He's fiercely loyal to his friends and family, and has a driving sense of curiosity that often gets him into trouble.  He is an absolute asshole, and accidentally comes off as lovable.  Somehow.  
Kemekin is playful and loves to work with his hands, and is constantly looking for creative outlets.  He's not coordinated enough for dancing and hates to be submerged in water, so that outs swimming, but he's grown fond of sports like rugby and volleyball and will try anything twice.  

Backstory:  Kemekin was born and raised in Lakeshore, and has spent his entire life exploring the ever-changing nooks and crannies.  Especially the ones he was told specifically to stay way from.  His mother is mostly human, though her grandmother was a brownie.  Kemekin did not inherit any active abilities from his brownie relative, but he tends to accidentally sneak up on people quite a bit and has an incredibly difficult to ignore urge to perform tasks if someone asks him nicely.  He doesn't remember much of his mother, as she left when Kemekin was still a toddler.
His father is a dryad of ironwood, specifically a ceylon tree, known for being incredibly dense and heavy-- the kind of wood that withstands natural disasters with ease.  His name is Kem, and though he is not related to Ellie he modeled at least some aspect of his appearance after her, for she often visited his home grove on her travels.  Kem and Ellie remain close friends, and as a result Kemekin regards Ellie as his aunt.  
Kemekin has been in and out of the Dunehelden campus for as long as he can remember, sometimes visiting Ellie, most of the time sneaking in to the explore the corners of the castle.  He was enrolled when the time came, and has been in attendance ever since.

Appearance:  Kemekin has an angelic smile and a twinkle in his eye that just seethes the opposite of innocent.  He's quite handsome and he knows it, which has gotten him out of trouble more than enough times to stunt the development of a reasonable sense of responsibility.  His skin is tanned and his hair is dark, but takes on a distinct reddish tint during the autumn and winter months.  The overall warm tones contrast quite nicely with the deep, muted blue of his eye color.  He stands at 5'10” and has a sturdy, dense build, much like his father.  He also has short branches growing from his skull, looking like twisted antlers.  They do sprout leaves, but Kemekin plucks them-- partly because he hates finding shed leaves everywhere, but mostly because people assume he's some form of antlered fae and that amuses him.  Ellie smiles whenever she sees his wooden antlers, at least, as their shape closely resembles the pair of old antlers she keeps in her home.
As far as Kemekin understands it, he has the branch-antlers (branchlers?) because of the rampant magic in Lakeshore, which allows his own fae nature to manifest physically.  Were he to stay outside of Arcadia or a bordertown for a long enough time, he would shed his antlers and his hair would cease to change colors until he returned to a more magical setting.
Character Model:  Choi Minhwan
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