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Post by Diana Hawk on Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:47 am

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Diana Hawk (née Harrows)
Age: 37
Occupation: English Lit. teacher, Academy vice-principal
Species: Human/Lycanthrope
Race/Ethnicity: White European-American
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: turning into a wolf, superhuman sense of smell even in human form
Magical Weaknesses: burned by silver, vulnerable to fire

Personality: Diana’s deafness and lack of speech lessons make her very much the quiet type. She is mild-mannered and friendly, unless you harm or threaten those she cares about, in which case you should watch your back and guard your throat.

Backstory: Born and raised in small-town North Dakota, Diana grew up as an only child of two Deaf parents. ASL is her only verbal (for lack of a better word) language, but she also learned to lip-read and write in English. She was always an avid reader and a fantasy nerd, and took on swordfighting as a hobby while growing up. She also loves gardening, especially flowers.

After graduating college with a degree in Education, Diana was engaged to a man named Matthew Short when she was 28. Unfortunately, not long afterward she was bitten by a lycanthrope, and she could not hide the fact that her silver engagement ring burned her finger. Matthew broke off the engagement, fearing she would give birth to “puppies” if he married her, or possibly bite or eat him and their children.

Though Diana was heartbroken, it was ultimately for the best. Diana found work at Dunehelden as an English Lit professor in 2007, and fell in love with the eccentric but charming Brit Vincent Hawk. She helped him learn ASL, and they dated for three years before marrying in May of 2010. Their marriage was fruitful, and Elkan Hawk was born to them in June of 2012. He stays mainly in a daycare, and other times at home with a hired nanny, in Lakeshore while his parents and uncle are at work.

Appearance: 5’8” and curvy, with wavy dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Her shoulder bears the scar of a lycanthrope bite, and a tattoo of a crescent moon decorates her back, next to her left shoulder blade. She prefers to wear dresses rather than jeans, except when gardening.
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