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Post by Allan Warbeck on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:26 am

Player Name: Ireth

Name: Allan Warbeck
Age: 140-ish, looks 30
Occupation: Janitor
Species: Vampire
Race/Ethnicity: White European-American
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Aromantic/Asexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: True Sight, supernatural resistance to germs
Magical Weaknesses: He can’t turn his True Sight off, so it’s a burden as much as a blessing when he inevitably Sees more than he intends or would like.

Personality: While friendly and sociable, he prefers to stay on the sidelines more often than not. This is made complicated by his Sight, which lets him notice things he otherwise wouldn’t, and those can be equally intriguing and frightening. Sometimes he just has to investigate what he Sees. He has always been germaphobic and averse to being touched, traits which persist despite his supernatural resistance to germs. (It’s debatable whether he even knows about said resistance, given his avoidance of the same.)

Backstory: Originally from Lincoln, NE, Allan dealt with bullies from an early age, due to a combination of myopia and an untreated clubfoot. He was less than proficient at Phys. Ed., and avoided extracurricular sports in favor of reading. Perhaps ironically for someone with a phobia of germs, he wound up finding work as a janitor in the same school he had formerly attended.

Allan was sired by a vampire at the age of thirty. It was while escaping from his sire that he stumbled into Lakeshore, and survived as well he could on the borders of Earth and Faerie. He refuses to feed from any sort of people, human or otherwise, partly because of morals and partly because of his aversion to touching people (and how often do you find someone willing to donate blood despite knowing it’ll just be eaten?). As a result he subsides mainly on animal blood purchased from the local butcher. ((And/or on a blood substitute if such exists))

It was this half-in, half-out existence that resulted in him gaining True Sight, which he has tried hard to keep hidden from those he fears would blind him for it. It’s debatable how much he’s actually able to hide it, since he can’t turn it off; but so far no one has tried to stab out his eyes yet, so he counts that as success.

Allan has been employed at Dunehelden since its grand opening, working tirelessly to keep the place clean despite the best efforts of some of the students.

Appearance: 5’11”, with a thin build, fair skin, short black hair, grey eyes and glasses. His right foot is a clubfoot, which makes him walk with a limp; he also requires custom-made shoes.
Character Model: Rev. Christopher Holmes, formerly one of my professors at Providence UC:
Allan Warbeck (Ireth) Holmes_sbt
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