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Player Name: Bre

Name: Ineo Minn
Age: 20
Grade/Occupation: College junior/Barista
Species: Half-fae (Merrow)
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual/homoromantic

Magical Powers/Abilities: Ineo has the ability to manipulate and control liquids, though anything other than pure water gives her a bit of difficulty. She can breathe underwater and swims with exceptional grace and speed, and withstand amounts of pressure that would kill a normal human being.
Magical Weaknesses: Like all fae, Ineo is weak to cold-forged iron. She also turns into a mermaid when splashed with water, which can be kind of inconvenient when one is in need of legs. She is also incredibly weak against fire.

Personality: Ineo typically comes off as cold and reserved to those who don't know her well, as she's quite quiet and not particularly forthcoming about her emotions. She is also rather spoiled and can be very bossy when she doesn't have an equally forceful presence to balance her out. However, underneath the chilly exterior, she is an incredibly compassionate and caring person, and tends to think of herself as a big sister to many of the younger students at Dunehelden.

Backstory: When Ineo was a child, she would have given anything to be Ariel. When she was twelve, she got her wish, but not quite in the way that she expected.

Her father was a marine biologist, and for twelve years of her life, she knew nothing about her mother. She lived in comfort with a single, doting father who gave her everything she ever wanted. She was content, though spoiled, and though she was homeschooled and had few friends her own age, she never felt lonely. But when she was twelve, something very strange happened. She fell into the pool in her backyard, and though normally swimming was as second-nature as walking to her, the surprise of falling into the pool made her unable to act, and she felt the weight of the water dragging her down. She was possessed by the brief, terrifying thought that she was going to drown... and then, upon breathing in, realized that the water flowed through her as easily as air. Easier, even—it felt like, for the first time in her life, she could truly breathe.

As much as her father wanted to keep her sheltered from the truth, when he found out about her, he knew he had to tell her about her mother. Her mother, the ancient mermaid. Her mother, who held a passing fancy for a human man, and left him with nothing but memories and a child with her fiery-colored hair. And though it killed him to do it, he sent her to live with her mother, who could teach how how to be who she was.

And she loved it in Arcadia, with her mother. She loved being in the sea, and though her mother was distant and cold compared to her doting father, she loved her mother as well. But still, she felt something was missing. She felt out of place in her home in New Jersey, and now she felt out of place once more in her home in Arcadia.

It was with a heavy heart that her mother sent her to school at Dunehelden when she was eighteen, but among both humans and fae, Ineo finally felt like she was where she belonged.

Appearance: Ineo is fairly tall for a girl, standing 5'8" barefoot and nearly six feet tall in her beloved heeled shoes, with deep red hair that falls in soft waves down to her elbows. While it is barely noticeable most of the time, her skin has a slight blue-green tint to it.

When splashed with water, she begins to turn into her merrow form, which involves blue-green scales that run along her forehead and the bridge of her nose, down her arms, and along her legs. In her fully transformed form—which typically happens when submerged with water or otherwise drenched thoroughly—her legs fuse into one long fin, and her fingers become webbed.
Character Model: Ailee
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