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Post by Cilgwri on Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:26 am

Player Name: Gussu

Name: Cilgwri
Age: 18
Grade and/or Occupation: University Freshman
Species: Some other kind of a birdman of the quieter crow variety.
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Again, a Fae, or half-Fae and complicated, but vaguely Native American
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: Flying, Crow vision ( better than a human's), a fine appreciation of that other person's silver stuff, Sir Culhwch the wise and magnificent and noble lord of all of Gentle Bird Thieves.
Magical Weaknesses: Other people's silver stuff, it's a problem.

Personality: Cilgwri is easy going. He's quiet when he doesn't know people too well, but he can also be clever and mischievous. He has an ever so seve-slight case of kleptomania which he has learned to accept whole heartedly because you have to learn how to love you.

Backstory: Cilgwri is the youngest of the two sons of the Lord of House Corvus of Arcadia. He and Brennen are fraternal twins. Their parents were looking for a one-night stand and got themselves some twins. After some nice fair Fae agreements Cilgwri was raised with his father and his brother was sent off elsewhere with their mother. He had never met either until he came to Lakeshore for school and met Brennen. He lives a pretty good life in Arcadia and has a good relationship with his father and the House of Corvus. Currently he plans on returning home when he finishes school.

Appearance: Cilgwri is tall and lean. He has a darker skin tone and curly black hair and black wings. He has human shaped eyes with crow pupils.


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